Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Budman's got a new book

The other day it was so nice outside I took a bike ride with my brother Lorne. I suggested we go to Chapters because I was in dire need of a book. I got tired of buying Rolling Stone magazines.

Here's a quick story on the book I ended up buying:
When I lived in Australia, I was in a theatre and saw a trailer for some crazy effect movie called Night Watch. It said that Night Watch was the first story in a an epic horror/fantasy trilogy. I had never heard of it but the movie looked really cool and reminded me of Constantine. Unfortunatley I forgot the title of the movie and only rediscovered in on a web site about last year when the DVD came out. Turns out the movie was in fact a Russian film that Sony PIctures bought the rights to Distribute in North America. I wanted to watch the film but the video store guy told me it wasn't very good because it was a low budget film and it was in Russian. I totally forgot about the movie until a couple of days ago when I saw a trailer online for it's sequel Day Watch. I had a sudden interest in the story again and afte a quick search on Wikipedia, discovered the movies are actually based on books writte by a Russian, Sergei Lukyanenko. There are in fact 4 books, Night Watch, Day Watch, Dusk Watch and Twilight Watch. I ended up buying Night Watch (translated in English) and so far so good. I'm a slow reader but I read 100 pages since yesturday! For me that's awesome.

As for the story, the book is based in modern Moscow and unknown to humans, there are a race of Others that have super powers (some are magicians, vampires, werewolves, etc.). The others are divided into Light and Dark and after years of fighting made a truce. In order to keep the truce, the Light side has a 'police' force called the Night Watch and the Dark side have the Day Watch. The first book is apperently the story of how something (I dont' knwo what yet) is going to happen that screws up the balance.

It's a real easy read with not much detail (not like some authors I've read who spend like 10 pages describing a room) and most of the book is in first person from the main characters point of view which makes it interesting for me.

Well, I"m off to go read!

Getting the feel of work

Yet again, I"ve been lagging on current posts. I can't help it. It's just now that i have a job, I spend at least 8 hours a day in front of my computer, so I don't really have the urge to sit in front of it at home and write in this blog. Why now, you ask? Well... I'm kind of bored.

Work is going really well. I like it a lot and there is always something to do. I have a lot of deadlines coming up. The only crappy things is because it's all new stuff and some people were away on vacation, things have been a tad disorganized. I've been working on lebels for a specific line of products and I've almost completed them. However, I went over the final drafts with my boss and said something along the lines of "Now that i"m done with this stuff, I should go and do -*some task pertainig to the labels*-" and she gave me a look of death because it turns out I should have done that in the beginning. Oops... Well, now I know for next time and although I now have to go back adn alter everything, it shouldn't take me too long.