Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Advetures Of Budman - Weekend Edition

My mom rushed me out of the house this morning, telling me we were going to be late for the bus. Then the metro broke down and she was worried I make my 8am class on time and sent me off to get breakfast on my own. So here I am in my class - all alone - just realizing class got moved to 9am on Wednesdays as of last week...

On the bright side, I finally have the time to write about my weekend which, as most weekends, was packed with fun.

Friday was my day off school and I was at Old Navy working from 3pm to 10pm. After work, my friend/boss Mike and I went over to my high school buddy Mike's house ad watched Hart's War. It's an older movie but I had heard good things so was iterested in watching it. It stars a pre-"I'm a hollywood bad ass" Colin Farrell and a "I'm starting to get too old to play bad asses in movies" Bruce Willis. In the end it was an ok film but I thought, being a war movie, it'd be more lke Savign Private Ryan, but instead the whole movie focuses on the racism that was going on in a POW camp between 2 african american soldiers and the rest of the camp. Not a typical war movie.

I had about 5 hours of sleep friday night for I had to get up early to meet Lauren downtown. I can't remember if I had spoken of Lauren before but a quick intro: She is from Australia and is travelling across the world. She is currently living in Montreal until the end of the summer. She only got here a few weeks ago, where by chance on McGill classifieds, met Norm and has since joined our circle of friends.

She had told me she bought a matress off of someone and needed help picking it up and moving it to her new apartment (which is not furnished). So I made my way downtown and we headed to pick up the matress. About 1 minute before we get there, I find out she had bought the matress for 10$ and had never gone to check it out. When we got it, it was old looking covered in all sorts of stains, but I'm sure really comfortable. Lauren didn't care, she said she'd wash it with disenfective and it beats sleeping on the floor. we carried it by foot to her new place that was just a few blocks away but unfortunately, we turned right instead of left and walked a few blocks in teh wrong direction before noticing our mistake.

Once we found her new place, her new roomate, Amy, let us in and we chatted for a while. Turns out the world is tiny. Amy just happens to be Norm's ex-girlfriend's best friend [Spaceball's quote: Lonestar - "What does that make us?" Helmet - "Absolutely NOTHING!"]

The rest of the day was spet helping out my Aunt. She's also moving into a new place. By far the funniest moment fot he day was when my mom asked me how the matress moving went. When I told her how dirty it was she screamed out in concern "That's DISGUSTING! She's going to catch AIDS if she sleeps on that!" Oh mom, how much I love you, haha.

Saturday night I went out dancing with Lauren, Norm, Amin, Kevin, Neil and Norm's friend Jetendra. Norm and Amin had just returned from NY and had dyed their hair. Norms is purple with a red exclamation point coming out the side and Amin's is shaved into a pseudo blue mohawk. I was sporting my new cowboy beach hat that I bought at Simons earlier that day.

We headed up to Jupiter Room in hopes of a packed place filled with dancing. Instead we found a dead place with hardcore porn on the TVs. Not just regular hardcore porn, either. Gigantic breast porn. Thankfully, they turned off the porn, replaced it with Caillou for a few minutes and stopped on Terminator 2. The place did get sort of packed and my friend Mariana and her friend were in town this weekend and decided to join us. It was great seeing her again!

After a while, the music got boring so we moved to Cafe Campus minus Mariana and her frien Rachel since they wanted to get up early and take full advantage of Museum Day. Cafe Campus was a lot better but packed. Highlights of the rest of the night include some random guy sticking his finger in my mouth while I was posing for a picture, and this random chick who decided to join our dance circle. Afterwards when we had left the place, Norm comes up to me and was like "You know that chick was totally into you but then you moved to the other side of the circle." Oh? "And then she gave up and went back to her friends who all gave her sympathy hugs for trying." Oh....

Norm was kind enough to drive Lauren and myself back to my house. No I didn't pick her up. On sunday was the Amazing Race 2 event organized by Hillel West Island and was supposed to be a race similar to the one on TV. To make things easier, Lauren crashed at my place. (That's for clarification for my brother Mark)

Suday morning, we got up around 11am and I got to make Lauren breakfast. Thankfully she wanted her eggs scrabled since it's the only thing I know how to cook! 12pm came around and my buddies Simon, David and David came to pick us up for the race.

The race was intense. I promise to write a full description of it in another post. My team ended up in 4th palce and Lauren's team bailed the race at the halfway point and she went home early, but had a lot of fun.

Sunday night I went back downtown to hang out with the gang and caught the last 30 minutes of Spaceballs (love that movie).

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Freakin' Excited!

Since coming home I had to go into my room and relax a bit. I startd off with Thievery Corporation's Cosmic Game (highly recommended). I have since moved onto Pearl Jam's new album but it's started to get me excited again so let's see... Ah yes! Bonobo Live Sessions... Starting to feel chilled.

Wh was I so excited earlier today you may ask? Today was the deadline to submit your version of next years agenda cover. The winner gets his/her's version printed but even if it's not picked it's a great start for a portfolio.

Here's what I submitted:

I spent tuesday afternoon and all of today working on it. My idea was to do something similar to that IPOD commercial where all the CD albums are going into the IPOD. So I went outside and draw the school by hand and then drew it on the computer. Then I got pictures of items that represent the 3 programs that my school offers (design, beauty, and 2d/3d imagery) and traced them to give that logo look I have througout the poster.

I had to hand in a printed color version of the cover and since the store tht did the printing was open until 7pm, I had until 7pm to finish. being me, I finished at 6:55pm. I had about thirty minutes left when I finished tracing my last object and then had to figure out hw I wanted to lay them all out. The color background and the bottom green part I winged last minute. I also ran into a small problem in trying to cut part of something off which started to get me frustrated. Finally, I was done (i.e. ran out of time) and bolted upstairs to get it printed. Unfortunately my energy levels only increased because the printing wasn't working. Turns out it was just due to not having chosen the proper printer (we use the computer ourselves to print) and the guy working there didn't help at ALL. He looked totally lost and then walked away! So I waited a few minutes and then approached him talking to his coworkers and convinced him to try and help me again! it then printed and I handed it in. I felt SO MUCH better. It's truley an awesome feeling to hand in something you feel proud about. It's rewarding.


To get me even more excited when I got home, I confirmed things and it's official: Sunday I am participating in The Amazing Race 2.

No it's not the REAL Amazing race but its an event similar to the real show where we are in groups of 4 and we drive around the west island solving clues and doing physical tasks in order to reach the finish line. Thee are supposed to be great prized, a meal included and the weather is predicted to be really nice. Plus, Australian Lauren showed interest to participate and she will be joining the event but will be on another team (You're going down!).

Sunday's going to rock!


I don't know if this is some crazy coincidence or it wa menat to happen but lately I've been discovering these hilrious ninja related things on the net.

First it the really cool and funny Dr McNinja ( Owen introduced it to me and I quite like it. The art is really cool and it reminds me a lot of Batman mixed with Deadpool.

Owen also introducedme to another comic featuring a ninja - White Ninja Comics ( This one however has nothing to do with ninjas and doesn't realy make much sense but I just love the creators wacky humor.

Finally, I was bored one day and stumbled accross something called Ask A Ninja ( It's great. It's kind of like Strong Bad e-mails ( except he's a ninja and it's live not cartoon (well not all of it). I also can't get over how muc the guy acts just like Gil. It's almost scary. And to add to that they had a videa called Ask A Samurai, some fan made a while back, and that guy sounds just like Jeremy.

I look forward to watching you read a ninja related comic before I kill you! (To uderstand that you need to go to one of the above links, but which one? Muhahah!)

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Manhunt 3: Hunted by Men (and women and kids)

Today was the third meet of the Montreal chapter of Manhunt. As has been the case lately, it was raining all day. And like the last time I went, the rain stopped for the duratio of Manhunt only to continue once we were done. However, having rain led to an advantage for me for I had an umbrella which proved quite useful (more details below).

This time the game was held in Vieux Montreal. Our starting point was the Centaur theatre and we had a small within invisible boundaries to run frantic within. Lot os fun and interesting things happened today:

-Right before we began, a mother showed up with her son and his friend (both probably 10-12).

-During the first game I walked through a pay parking lot and the worker came up to me and said soemthing about a car. I responded yes to ensure he wouldn't yell at me for walking through the parking lot. The he responded with me following him to pay for the parking as to which I replied I had no car...

-After successfully staying not caught for 15 minutes of the first game, I got cornered in a small street with 5 people on one side and 3 on the other. As Maryam came up to tag me I thrusted my close dumbrella at her, pushed the button and tried to block her with the open umbrella. I failed misreably but it was worth the shot.

-Two guys decided it'd be fun to hide up a fire escape which led to them scaling accross a legde on teh second floor almost all around the building. Not cool...

-During the second game, Norm volunteered me to be the first hunter.

-My plan as hunter was to walk around with my umbrella up. First I noticed a guy hidding behind a dirt mound that after circling him and with the aid of a girl, cornered him and tagged him.

-I noticed a group of 3 people walking down the street and walked completely hidden under my umbrella. I kept getting closer and closer and they never noticed me until I gunned it too quickly and close dmy umbrealla and jumped accross an interesection, thus scaring the shit out of some tourists. I ended up scaring my prey away but caught up to the girl in the bunch only because she dropped her cell phone.

-Kevin Anderson got stopped by the police because they saw him running and thought had stolen something.

All in all, manhunt was great but can't wait to play it in nice hot weather.

After Manhunt, we walked to Phil and Adair's and had a BBQ. It was fun talking abotu the game to others and just plain meeting new people.

Cab't wait until the next one!

Budman in 2D!

I was playing around with Illustrator the other day and ended up tracing my face. Basically, I used an actual photo as a template and then used the Pen Tool to draw lines and filled them in with color.

Here what I got:

Thanks for all the good compliments (I've had it on MSN since yesturday) but really it wasn't that hard to do and it's nothing fantastic. However, I am learnig through experience that simple things can go a long way.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Moving a Step Backwards in Technology

So it finally happened, my portable CD player died. It put up a good fight. I bought it super cheasp near the end of my time in Australia due to my then portable CD player dying. I didnt' expect a lot outof it for 60 bucks but I didn't expect it to just die like it did. First a few of the buttons stopped working some of the time. Then the screen started to spit out chinese characters, which soon turned to pure random garbage and then finally a blank screen. Then there was a trick where I had to turn it on with the remote and then try again on the actual device to get it to start, kind of like a secret sequence of buttons to unlock a code (the Da Vinci code it ain't). Until finally nothing worked.

Being totally addicted to music, I started to go crazy after a few days until I found my old walkman which I carried around all day. Yes that's right, everyone is replacing CD's with MP3's and i'm replacing mine with crappy old cassette tapes. I don't have that many either. Out of my old collection running from the early 90s to mid/late 90s, excluding the old school white rap of House of Pain and the gansta combeback album of Run DMC, I've got Blink 182, Fastball, Radio Head - The Bends, and some hard NU metal mix I copied off someone that has Korn, Limp Bizkit, Tool, Rage Against the Machine and Marilyn Manson, among others.

Besides those, I also have a tape of Limblifter's Bellaclava. I completely forgot about it and how much I enjoyed it. For those of you not familiar with them, Limblifter where created by a pair of brothers who were in another band called Age of Electric. At first Limblifter was a side project and released an album, but when AOE broke up, they became a real band and released Bellaclava. It did well int eh canadian rock scene I think but then one of the brothers, the talented drummer, left the band with another member and joined the Canadian super group The New Pornographers. Apperently, the other brother recruited a whole new backup band and released a new album last year. I'm dying to get a copy of it even though it got mediocre reviews.

In other news, tonight I had gone to Brutopia to hang out with Improv friends, say goodbye to the lovely Mariana "It's pronounced Vee-Al!" Vial. I'm actually quite sad to see her go. Now that I came back from Australia, all my friends are starting to move away! On the other hand I've been making a bunch of newe friends as of late so it's balancing out but it's still sad.

It was also trivia night and one of the questions had to do with Australia! The question was "what color are Emu eggs?". Having seen them with my own eye's I knew they were green. Ny friends couldn't believe that I was saying the right thing but I insited and we got the point. Unfortunatly I dont' think my team won (I had to leave before the last question was answered) because we got about 4 or 5 out of 10 wrong.

Well next time i"ll memorize some trivia pursuit cars since that's where the questions came from.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mothers Day!

Today, at Old Navy, I was the Mothers Day door greeter. I had a giant vase with 200 carnations which i had to hand out to all the moms that came into the store. Suprisingly enough it, even by 1pm we still had a few flowers left to hand out. I was sure we would have gotten rid of them faster than in over 3 hours. The mothers loved me though and I was dressed all nice to boot, in a shirt and tie with a nice sweater. Some women were SO excited to get a flower (some even joked it was thir first flower i.e. the hubby didn't get then anything) while others were so grumpy and hated the idea of receiving a nice flower. Weird.

In unrelated news, Manhunt got into The Gazette! Check it out here!. I'm even mentioned:

Mission Improbable

Saturday I stayed home and did some homework. That night thought, I went to see MI:3. The movie itself was pretty cool but how I got to see the movie was awesome. My buddy Simon called me the other day and explained to me that HMV was selling Mission Impossible 1 on DVD for 11.99$ and inside was a coupon to see Mission Impossible 3 for free!. The coupon was basically a cheque of 11.00$ for the cinema. Since the movie only cost 10$ I even got a dollar back! Super deal!

MI:3 was actually a pretty decent movie. Totally far fetched but Tom cruise showed he is really good at playing Tom Cruise. You know, basicaly freaking out over everythign and yelling "WHO'S THE BUYER?! WHATS HIS NAME????????!?!?!?" Kind of like in real life with him getting married and jumping on Oprah's couch.

I even watche the MI:1 movie and remembered how crappy that movie was but I finally understand it now that i"ve seen it 3 times since it aired in movie theatres years ago.

To The Budmobile

Friday night I went got the car and drove downtown. I rarely have a chance to drive downtown but convinced my parents to let me have the car for the evening. As I get downtown, while waiting for the light to turn green at University and Sherbrooke, I look ahead and who else is crossing University, none other than Andrew Ladd! That was a funny coincidence.

I basically spent the night with Norm, Amin and Aussie Lauren. Lauren told us this hilarious story about what happened at Starbucks where she works. Apparently, one of the regulars, a guy in his mid 40's, saw her shopping for underwear in a lingerie shop and decided to buyher a red thong... and gave it to her at work. On another occasion, she was cleaning up and went ot get a broom. While pulling it up she accidently got it caught int he light or something in the ceiling and couldn't get it out. It being the end of her shift, she wrote a note that said "I'm sorry", taped it to the broom and left. Ha ha.

We went driving downtown a bit and I totally scared my friends out with my driving. Especially when we all the leant the hard way that I forgot how to parallel park properly.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


For school I had to read something from a book called the Photoshop CS2 Bible. I decided to just buy the book since it will prove useful in the future. I had to read a little bit for today but ordered it on last week and it said I wouldn't get it until later this week. I had gone to my library to see if they had it so I could at least read the part I needed before my copy arrived. I was shocked to find out the verison of the book they had was Photoshop 2.5! (CS2 is like Photoshop 9). Inside, were pictures of windows 3.1! Proving useless, I decided that my only solution was to go to Chapters monday afternoon and read what I needed and leave withouth buying anything. However, yesturday morning, as I was leaving the doorbell rang and it was the postman holding a package for me! I got to read what I needed on the bus. Sweet!

In other news, I had found out recently that Canada Day is on a Saturday. Having never celebrated Canada Day in Ottawa, and the fact that Owen from CIA keeps inviting me out there, I decided thats what must be done. Celebrate Canada Day in Ottawa.

I went to the train station and used my credit I had recieved from having to use the bus rather than the trian due to a protest in Belleville. With the cresit my whole round trip cost me 20$! The counter clerk told me in her 6 years of working for VIA Rail, she has never sold a cheaper ticket. Sweet!!

Also, walking to the metro last night to head home after hanging out with a bunch of chem people I hadn't seen in a while, a young woman walked right by me and had her IPOD placed between her cleavage (not actually touching her breasts but resting on her shirt/sweater/whatevre she was wearing). S-A-WEET!!!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Hunt Begins

Yesturday I was one of the 25+ participants in the second meeting of MANHUNT in Montreal.

It orginated in Vancouver and there is also one that goes on in Toronto. Dustinl who lives in Vancouver, told people here about it which caused this guy I know, Phil, to start a Montreal chapter of the game. So far so good.

Basically, a everyone is given arm bands and a hunter is selected. He/she then counts for 2 minutes while everyone runs off to hide or get away. After the 2 minutes the hunter goes after people. Anyone he/she tags becomes a hunter as well. The game goes on for 30 minutes and point is to try and remain untagged. The only trick is that you don't know if someone is tagged or not.

The boundaries for the game were between St. Laurent and St. Denis, and Des Pins and Prince Arthur. The starting point being Carree St. Louis, a.k.a Crack Park. We played a total of 2 games and both were intense.

When the first one started, I had no idea what to expect and started to get into it once I deliberatey ran in a direction away from everyone else, turning a corner and then seeing a group of people coming around another corner. My instincts were to just trust NO ONE. I started to put my hood up and kept looking behind my shoulder and trying to feel all incognito which was totally a waste since I had bright orange arm band that clearly pointed me out.

I turned down a driveway into an alley (thats what was cool about this area since there were alleys between each street) and bump into Norm (who was also playing) and he starts chasing me (later I found out he wasnt a hunter at all and just wanted to make me run for nothing). After walking around a bit, I pass a park and this guy starts running at me with another guy behind him. Not waiting to find out if the guy running towards me was being chased or was coming to chase me, I bolt away.

Later as I returned to the same park, I saw another guy running towards me from far away so I start walking faster and see a couple of people walking towards me on the opposite side of the street butthey are talking and wealking casualy until suddenly then start to chase me. I immediatley started to run as fast as I could but my arm band fell off. While I was wondering if that meant I was automatically a manhunter or what, they caught me.

The first game ended with satisfaction, as I found out where Norm was hiding and with the help of Kevin, caught him by having Kevin chase him down an alley where I was waiting in the shadows at the other end.

For the second game, Norm volunteered himself to be the first hunter and had purposely tagged me first so we could double team people. That plan son back fired as we split up hoping to corner someone, instead reamining seperated for the remaining 25 minutes of the game. I however got to tag 3 peoply. One of them being Phil who I saw way down an alley, chased, lost him, walked around a bit and found him again in another alley. I eventually got him because when I had found him he was already tired from running away from others.

The whole itme there was a guy taking notes and another guy taking pictures. I got in the notes and pictures. If I find out where I can find this stuff, I'll try to link on hear sometime in the future.

My mom told me today "I can't believe you're running around like little kids. When I was your age I was married and already had a kid." Can't wait until the next one!

Krazy Kareoke

Friday night I went with a bunch of people to Dollar Cinema at Decarie Square. Dollar Cinema is an old theatre that used to play old Indian movies but has since been converted to a cheap theatre to see 6 month old movies for a buck. Run by a
Jewish guy, I guess he wanted to think of more ways to make money so Friday night was the very first Kareoke and Other Stuff night.

Norm had been talking about it for the longest time so I decided to join him and his friends Lauren, Ameen, Kevin and Lauren. The second Lauren was actually someone Norm had met through McGill classifieds, for she is from Australia visiting our aweseome city and was looking to meet new people. What better people then us!

SO we show up ealy and immediately get cornered by the owner, his lawyer, the security guard and the kareoke guy. They are all excited people showed up. We thought that either we'd be the ONLY people or it would be REALLY busy. Actually, to my suprise, the latter was true. There was a huge line that formed eventually while we were waiting for the stage to set up.

Once everything was ready, there was a kareoke machine on stage plus a live band consisting of a drummer, a keyboardist and the kareoke guy who was also a guitarist.

The show started finally and we had to wait for a few acts before it was our turn. Such acts included not one but THREE guys singing Elvis and two of them singing the SAME song. Only 1 guy was actually good... Besides the Elvis guys, was by far one of my favorite acts, a kid of about 8 or 9 singing in completion, without a pause or any backup music for that matter, Shut Up by Simple Plan. He knew EVERY SINGLE word and didn't skip a beat.

Finally it was our turn. We had denoted ourselves Zombie and sang White Wedding by Bily Idol. We have no idea how was sounded but could all agree that we were the most comfortable at the part where the song goes "White Wedding!" and "Start Again!" but the rest fo the song, no so much...

Later on I decided to sing by myself. For the love of kareoke, I do not know why, but I decided to sing Paradise City by G'N'R. I thought I knew the song pretty well. Apperently not. I got so lost in what was goign on and was almost certain the kareoke version was different from what I have on the original CD because there were parts of the song I just didnt' know how to sing. To compensate, I decided to just thrash around on stage and do air guitar. It worked since the crowd went WILD!

We stook around for a while longer. The following acts were pretty lousy but nothing beat this one woman who was on stage with her husband. She was SO BAD that Norm and I almost died from laughter.

Last but not least, Kevin got up and sang Copacobana by Barry Manilow and he KICKED ASS! He sang it bang on and finished his song by immediately dropping to his hands and doing Capoeira.

After Kevin's fantastic display of having fun, we headed over to the Orange Julep, then the Verdun to play Tetris on Nintendo 64 at Lauren's place and I got home and crashed at 3am.

I've decided to end this post with the most bizarre part of the night. On the way to the Orange Julep I mistakenly mentioned that the juice was made with egg (it turns out it's egg whites) and decided to correct myself by asking at the place. So we get to the counter and the follwing conversation ensued:

Me - "Hi, how are you tonight?"
Orange Julep Worker - "Good"
Me - "I have a question. What's in the juice?"
OJW - "I don't know"
Me - "You don't know?"
OJW (pointing to a sign that says 'May contain allergies')
Me - "But you don't know whats in the juice? Is there egg in the juice?"
OJW - "I don't know" (points to the sign again)
Me - "Does you Manager know? Can I speak to your manager?"
OJW - "My manager is not here."
Me - "Does ANYONE who works here know what is inside your juice?"
OJW - "My manager does."
Me - "But he's not here?"
OJW - "Yes."
Me - "You're manager is the ONLY person who knows and he's not working tonight"
OJW - "Yes."

After that I gave up and just ordered food and a juice. I just couldn't believe what I was hearing...

For pictures of the night click HERE!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

14 Year Old Girls Scare Me...

Thursday night I went with a group of people to see Hard Candy directed by David Slade (not to be confused with David Spades). I knew a little bit of what the movie was about but was basically going in clueless.

It's about a 14 year old girl who meets an older guy on the internet and then they decide to meet in person. Everything is la-dee-da. They head back to his place and your supposed to believe something is going to happen to the girl. Wrong. The girl drugs the guy and then ties him up. The rest of the movie is about how she tortures him for she believes he is a pedophile.

NOTE SPOILERS! (I.e. I"m talking about the movie and if you want to see it, DON'T read this or you'll know what happens).

The movie is done in a really artsy way which I liked but I thought the whole movie was really stretched out. I guess the whole point is to emphesize on how much the girl wants to screw witht he guys head. Also, the whole movie is basically just the two actors in the same place so there is not much action. It's a listening piece.

Like I said, though, the idea seems stretched. Basically, the guy gets drugged and he is tied up. You learn that she's in fact not playing with him and has been scoping him out for a while. He keeps confessing he's not a bad guy and has never slept with underage girls. She rumages his house and eventually finds a safe and opens it. Inside are (supposedly, you never ctually see whats inside) naked photos of young girls, and a clothed photo a girl who has been missing in the community. He gives a bullshit story about it and denies having any involvement in her disappearance. Ok so he's tied up and she's going to do somethign to him, we know that... but then he tries to escape, and finds his gun and looks for her in teh house even though he's stil tied to a rolling chair. She emergesd and covers his head with plastic wrap thus killing him...

Or you think so. He wakes up and he's tied to a table where she eventually (after loads of talking) does an operation, removing his testicles and then throwing them in the garbage disposal.He's totally flipping out and she leaves the room to "go shower". He finally escapes and finds out she never cut off his balls btu just made them numb. He then stalks her inteh house with a knife until he goes to the shower where she again comes from behind and attacks him with a tazer in the shower. He again dies...

Or you think so. He wakes up and is now tied in such a was that he is a noose and the only things holding him up is a rope she is controlling and the chair he is standing on. She's tormenting him to just kill himself, which by this poitn of the movie, I really want him to DIE ALREADY! He eventually knocks her and jumps on teh counter, thus removing the noose. She bolts away and he chases after her, following her to the roof of the house. He FINALLY admits to have been involved in killing the missing girl but says he was only taking pictures whiel another guy had sex with her. Then the climax occurs the 14 year old says "Thats what Erin (the other guy) said". Coming to grips with his reality and the fact that his ex-girlfriend (who the 14 year old annonymously called and convinced her she need to come by the house) is about to show up, finally ties a rope around his head and KILLS HIMSELF! YES!

The movie was weird for my taste but still not a bad film. I definitely would avoid Hard Candy 2 is that ever existed.

To conclude such an interesting watching of a film, I head to the metro where I saw a goup of hot 14 year old girls chatting to each other... and cringed.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Back To School

My second semester of school started yesturday and I'm pumped. This semester the classes I have are:

Web Page Design
Image Processing II
Illustration I
Visual Communication
Edition II

I had my first class of Image Processing II, which is basically photoshop class, and that course is going ot be intense and fun for sure!
we even did this cool thing today where we started with a normal photo

and altered it so it would look more like a painting

Our midterm project will involve tracing the face of a female model to make it look as real as possible, while our final project will involve finding a style setup of a website, keepingthe same exact style, but changing the content.

I hope the other classes will seem as fun as this one.
On the bright side, FRIDAYS OFF!

Spring Cleaning

During my week off from school, I took a stab at cleaning out my room due to the fact that I really hadn't done any intense cleaning since before I moved to Australia.

I decided this time rather than just move things from one end to the room to another, I decided to actually get rid of somethings. I had about a full drawer of t-shirts, long sleeved shirts and sweaters that i just don't wear anymore.

I also have bag full of toys and trinkets that I finally decided is time to pass on. That being said anyone need a water gun, plastic giraffe, slinky or a toy truck (among other things)?

I left my closet alone until last night. Boy did that ever need a cleaning. Now I have all my sports equipment in one corner - a giant bag of tennis balls and baseballs, tennis rackets, baseball bats and the ol' set of golf clubs in a garbage bag (which have I've never used). I through all my halloween stuff in one bag, which I keep for halloween and for those random costume parties I've been going to lately.
The biggest decision I made last night was coming to terms that I no longer need my old chemistry notes. So here's what's left of my chemistry degree:

My 18 binders of notes have now been replaced with shoes.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Business As Usual

My weekend, being the last free time I had before school would restart, was pack with lots of activities.

Unfortunatley on Friday, there was no all you can play laser tag. It got cancelled for lack of participants (but apperently they offer this every week so it will happen one day!) I still got to hang out with Norm, though, which was fun in itself. While walking down the street, I saw a shadow on the sidewalk which totally looked like a boot. I immediately thought it was a boot hanging from a sign to signify a boot store or something. Norm noticed my confused expression on my face and asked what was wrong and all I could reply was "Where's the boot?". After explaining my actions, Norm bursts out laughing until I realized that the shadow was in fact a one way sign that was bent.

We went to St. Sulpice to check out how busy it would be due to it being the last day of exams for McGill students. Busy it was. SO busy in fact that both Norm and I couldn't take it any longer and left after being there probably a total of a half an a hour. Norm then went home but I met up with Madeleine who wanted to know about my adventures in Austrlia since she will be there sometime next year. Starting tomorrow she will be off on her travels around the world start in Western Canada. Have a great time in Australia Mad Dog!

Saturday, is the day I am dubing IMPROV DAY because that's what it was, hanging out with my improv friends. Saturay rocked! It started off with a very enjoyable workshop, which was the LAST saturday workshop for some of us. (so sad...).
Follwing that was food, frisbee, boggle, going to see American Dreamz (which was quite funny) and topping the night off with watching The Transporter 2 at Mike's house while srinking mini coronas (I bought the wrong thing, not realizing they even existed that small...).

Sunday was work work work and my last day of freedom. I feel like I'm obsessed with always wanting something to do. Is that healthy?