Monday, August 28, 2006

The LOST post

OK I came on to update my blog just now and noticed that my last post, which I had wrote as an excuse to keep people entertained knowing I wouldn't be up to posting for a while, was never actually posted but saved as a draft. So here is that LOST post:

My internet has been down for the past couple of days so I have not been able to update and continue my story on Boston. I promise to continue it very soon. In the meantime enjoy these little snippets:

-my mom is feeling fine and her stitches come out tomorrow
-my buddy Glen is leaving tomorrow for BC. Good luck to you buddy and sorry! I forgot to chip in for the beer!
-I played manhunt on saturday and it ROCKED! I didnt' get caught in the second round and I ROCKED!
-All of a sudden all these people want me to do graphic design jobs for them, yay!
-I'm working all this week including tomorrow morning at 6:30am
-I start school next week
-I'm now off to bed

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Day To Be Remembered

Today is a day several things:
1) I havn't told that many people but now seems like the right time. A few weeks ago my mom got the results from her mamogram and the discovered a small tumor in her right breast. It was the size of a cherry pit. Today it was removed. My mom is doing fine and she's already itching to do all the crazy things she normally does. Our fingers are crossed that this is the end of it but the test results to see if there are anymore growths int eh neighbourhood will be available in about 2 weeks. So now we play the waiting game.

2) On another note, today just also happens to be my brother Mark's 40th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK!

3) On the same note, today just also happens to be my buddy Owen's 22nd birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY OWEN!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Budman in Boston

This past weekend I went down south to Boston with my buddy Glen and his two buddies from high school, Jay and Steve. I will have to say that it turned out to be an amazing trip with no worries and everything just fell into place. The whole time we had very loose plans and just went with the flow.

Friday morning I got picked up by Steve and Jay around 8am. We headed to Glen's place in the south shore where we swapped cars. We had chipped in a got a rental for the weekend. I can't remember what model it was but it was a full sized car and it drove very well and had lots of leg room.

We made excellent time, only stopping once for lunch at some place called Pour Boys in Manchester. I was suprised when we past Lebanon, MA, because I thought the others were pulling my chain until I saw a sign.

We made it to our motel room around 5pm. We were actually staying in Beverly which was about a 40 minute drive from the city. We had rented a kind of an apartment type of room. It was fuly furnished, had 2 rooms, 3 beds and a pullout couch which I suprisingly had excellent sleep on. Breakfast was included as well and the owners were pleasent and very helpful with directions.

Not even there for more than 20 minutes, Jay, Glen and I went wondering over to the local supermarket and bumped into a girl named Gina who was on her way to the restaurant she works at. She recommended we go there for dinner and that she'd help us out with some tips on whats good to see/do, etc.

Once we settled in and got washed up, we headed out to Not Your Average Joe's where Gina was working. The food was quite good and Jay had fallen in love with this blueberry beer he tried called Sea Dog. It was quite good. We thanked Gina for her kindness and good service and she even admitted that she lived in the area and gave us her number if we wanted to get together or something. Actually our relationship with Gina over the 3 days was quite funny since by the last day she mentioned on the phone that she was the "Icon" of out trip which is actually hilarious since we played phone tag and never actually got together...

After dinner we decided it would be our best interest to actually drive down to the city rather then train there and cab back. Steve was kind enough to volunteer to not drink and we were off. We got kind of lost but ended up parking on this street called Newbury. We walked around and hit a few bars including The Other Side Cafe and Bukowski's. At Bukowski's I bought a pint of this beer called He'Brew. The tap handle was a little rabbi figure. I thought it was funny until I actually tried the beer which was absolutely HORRIBLE. It was REALLY strong and I couldn't finish it. By then I had a pretty horrible headache and thought I wasn't going to make it the rest of the night.

Fortunately, a friend of Glen's, Evy, and her two friend, Amy and Liz, came to meet up with us and the bar we went to was pretty happening that I hit a second whim and actually enjoyed myself the rest of the night.

The bars close at 2am in Boston so when we got kicked out, with a lot of direction asking, we finally made it out of the city and back home.

I decided to split up the trip story a bit as not to make each post too long. Expect to read more about it later.

Also, check out photos HERE!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Life Imitating Art

This afternoon, I leaving school to meet with my mom and was running late. I was at school copying files to my USB key. While doing this, I was listening to Mobile on my MP3 player. They are a band from Montreal and their album Tomorrow Comes Today is quite good. Anyways, they have a song called Montreal Calling and the video for it just has this guy (I think he's a thief and stole something) that's just running his hardest down the street. When I was ready to leave and start heading towards my mom, I decided I was so late I needed to run. Just as I started to bolt up the stairs and leave the building, Montreal Calling comes on my player and lasted almost the exact time it took me to get to where my mom was.

I'm so cool.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


After 3 months of hard work (the end was getting killer), I handed in my last file today at 11am. I may have seemed stressed as of late because of the work load but doing the actual work was a lot of fun. There are somethings I designed that are ok and others that I quite like and i dont hate any of it. In fact, for most of it, when I started workign on it I didn't think anything special but as I neared finishing the work it got better and better. I promise to post the things I made during my 3 weeks of vacation. It may take some time though because I really have to sort through everything, convert the files to web files and back it all up on cd. I'll probably space it out and post by course or something. Thanks to everyone who helped me through the semster!

As for my time off, I have 3 weeks to relax. Although, I had uped my availability at the Navy and they may recruit me for more hours. On the bright side, I like working and can use the money. Before I get all into work mode, I found out yesturday they goofed and didn't change my availability for next week so I'm only working 2 days unless they change it since I reminded them i'm available anytime (that goes out to all the ladies too) so I may get a chance to really relax for a bit.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Almost done

It's always comforting coming to school and the security guard at the sign in booth says "Welcome home"...

One week left! I can taste it!