Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Sydney Day 84

Wow 84 DAYS! It's been 8 days since my last post adn I"ve done so much! First off MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! Being a jew, I'd have to say this years christmas experience was by far my weirdest! I was supposed to work on Christmas eve but then I recieved a call from someone and when I picked up they said "Budman!" and I was like "Yes...". "This is George from work. Have the night off!". So that was great. I had no plans though and since Steph was feeling homesick that day I decided to cook for both of us. I made a mean tuna pasta bake. Basically I mixed noodles, tune adn sauce in a baking pan and put grated cheese on top and slapped it into the oven. It came out great. Afterwards, I met up with some friends and went to a FOAM party. It was basically circle with garbage bags on the floor and a giant foam cannon splashing people. We had so much fun. It ended at 12am which was great since I had to work on christmas day at 9am. What do I care, I don't celebrate it and I got 40$ an hour! I worked from 9am until 5pm that day and afterwards the Chef suprized us with a giant meal! There was pasta, chicken, turkey, potatoes. You name it! I had 3 plates. After eating so much I got invited to my coworker's Blair's house party. Someone from work gave me a lift on her scooter. It' swas my frist time and I held on so tight my hands hurt. The party was small but great. I got to hang out with the locals, all great people and just talked about anything. The next day, boxing day, I decided I had enough of going out but it turned out it was this great guy who worked with me, Matt, his last night in Austrlia. We all got invited to this great club called Y.U. I loved it! It was just great music and dancing all night long. Everyone there was just having a good time. Finally, monday I took it easy and yesturday, my day off, I went to see Blade Trinity. It was a good movie, no tthe best, but good. I love Ryan Reynolds. He was Amazing in it!

I work the rest o9f this week, including New Years Eve and New Years day btu I"m sure that won't stop me from having fun and great stories to tell about.

Happy New years EVERYONE!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Sydney Day 76

Yesturday was a big exciting day for me. Being my day off, I spent the morning sleeping in and then ended up at another BBQ at Coogee Beach held by IEP. The weather was nicer and there were more people this time. After the beach I went to Bondi beach to visit my relatives for dinner. The whole family was there and we had a huge meal. They are was too kind. It was great. After dinner I got invited to see the movie SAW. So yes, I saw Saw (hehe). I was interesting. It is really kool and a bit graphic but it's not really scary or suspensful. The movie poster says "Best Suspencful Thriller since Seven (movie with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman) but it just doesn't compare.

I just uploaded some new pics:
First Coogee Beach BBQ

Jordan's - The Restaurant I'm working At
(actually that's just pictures of one third of the restaurant!)

The Killers Concert (Best Seen if You Zoomd IN!)

Finally Pictures showing how much fun I am having with all my co-workers at various parties!
(and yes I'm doing that mouth thing again... I can't help it!)

Monday, December 20, 2004

Sydney Day 74

Saturday night I saw The Killers! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the band, they are the group who made that song "Somebody told me that you had a boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend that I had in february of last year...". The show was awesome but i would have liked if the band was just a bit more enrgetic on stage. They played really well and had a great set but they didn't sem too enthusiastic in what they were doing. I went to the show with the brits - Mark, Dan and James. Unfortunately because I bought my tickets at a different time then them, we were in different places of the auditorium. The place was set up as follows:

Ther was a street entrance into the theate known as the Enmore. Onc inside, is a foyer where they sold drinks and merchendise. Formt her were 2 doors that led into the theatre itself which was plit into a seated area and infront of that a dancefloor and then the stage.

The brits had tickets for the dancefloor and were up close. My ticket was for the FOYER! In between the 2 doors that lead into the theatre is a giant open window (basically a big whole in the wall) where I had to stand at to see the band. At first i was pissed off but then realized it wasn't that bad since I was level witht the stage in terms of seeing and I got to lean on the wall so my legs didn't hurt too much form standing for 2 hours.

After the show we headed to a bar called the Marlborough Hotel. It's owned by the same people who own Jordans so i was able to get a 10% discount on drinks for all my friends.

Last night I worked for 5 hours and then went to house party! It was the first official house party where it wasn't only people i knew form work and it was great to meet new people. Unfortunately it wasn't realy a lot of fun, so all the work people i knew and i headed out to the KIngs Cross. We eded up at the place called EMpire. it was a lot of fun. I stayed out pretty late that my buddy Blair from work lat me crash at his place. This morning we got up and he had to head to work so I walked back towards my house and then decided to come to IEP to check my e-mail and update this blog. I have to say that Blair is a real awesome guy and he is one of the few true Australians i have made friends with ebsides just other travellers. The first time i met him he didn't like me so much because he thought I was american but when I corrected him, we've become pretty good friends since.

I work almost evrday this week, including christmas day but I don't care because:
a)I'm Jewish
b)I'll get paid 40$ an hour
c) I only have to work during the day and I got the night off to do what I want.

Well Happy Holiday Everyone!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Sydney Day 70

It's only been 5 days since the last post but I feel like a lot of small things have happened:

The 2 Koreans I live with have both moved out and been replaced with, wait for it..., 2 more Koreans! we had a guy move in named Indy. He worked crazy hours and whenever he would be home during the day, e'd just fall asleep on the table, the floor, tanding up, etc. He only stayed 1 week and then ended up having to move to Perth suddenly for some reason. He is now replaced with the first female Korean we have by the name of Juni. The other Korean is this really hyper guy named Brian. When I introduced myself to him, it took him a while to get my name:

Josh - "Hi what was your name again?"
Brian - "Brian, what is yours?"
Josh - "Josh"
Brian - "Jashoo?"
Josh - "No, Josh"
Brian - "Oh! Jashoo!!"
Josh - " No.... Josh, Josh"
Brian (confused) - "Jashoo or Jorsha?"
Stephanie (from the kitchen) - "JOSH!"
Brian(still confused) - "Josh?"
Josh and Stephanie " YES!"

Last sunday I went out with people from work and we ende dup bar hopping. the end of the night I went to CHEERS! I was excited to find a Cheers in Australia, but unfortunatley it sucked! I got a kool picturre of the logo though so that was good.

I finally paid off the rest of my bus ticket, so here is my tentative plan:
Jan 14th Finish work
Jan 15th Fly to Adelaide
Jan 16th Hop on the Oz Experience Bus
Jan 16th - Jan 19th Take a tour along the Great Ocean Road to Melbourne
Jan 19th Get off the bus and livein Melbouire for a couple of months.

In other news, I've been working 3 double shifts in a row at work. I'm getting tired from it (right now 2 down and 1 more to go today). I'll total about 31 hours in 4 days, for me thats a lot. it all pays off though because tomorrow night is the Killers show! I can't wait!

Also, lastnight after work I went to Star City, the casino in Sydney. It was ok. I gambled 10$ and ended up with 12$! I won 2$!!!! I also did kareoke at a bar and sang "Everybody Needs Somebody" from the blues Brothers Soundtrack and it was great!

Last but not least, I bought another CD. the best of Groove Armada. It's aweseome! I had to buy it actually. The way my roomates made the christmas gift exchange was they all chose somethign that was valued 30$ and bought it themselves. then the other 3 of us were to pay for it by paying that person each 10$. However, if persons A,B and C pay D 10$ and B,C and D pay A 10$, and C,D and A pay B 10$, etc. then all we're doing is exchanging money. So in the long run, to be even everyone had to buy themselves a 30$ gift, but since the other 3 screwed up and BOUGHT me a 20$ gift I had to go out and spend 10 mor dollars to make it even. And since they paid for the 20$ gift I had to pay each of them back 6$! It makes absolutely no sense but it does...

Friday, December 10, 2004

Sydney Day 65

Wow I've been here about 2 months! ! more month to go in Sydney adn then I'm going to start travelling. I've almost made enough money to buy my bus ticket for the tour I want to take - Oz Experience.
Today I'm sick and I got the night off work to rest so I'll make this post short.
Havn't done much but work lately. it's chanukah, Happy Chanukah! My roomates got me a gift. They bought the sequal to the book I"m reading, Stone of Tears by Terry Goodkind. I'm currently reading Wizard's First Rule by him. It's an awesome book.

Next week I"m going to go see The Killers live in concert so excited for that.

Last week I was supposed to dress up as Santa Claus for a special breakfast work was hlding for it's associates but the owners hired a real life santa without telling my boss. This guy looked like santa but it was freaky. he had 2 hot women knwon as his 'little helpers'. I swear this guy looked like he'd come from a raunchy porno that would be titled "Debbie Does Santa" or something.

Also, I bought the 2 CD compilation of Pearl Jam's Greatest hits. If you like Pearl Jam then you MUST buy this! It's great. One Cd is all their fast stuff and one is all their slow stuff.

Last but not least, I found out today that the youngest child in a family is known as the 'treasure' for Koreans, haha.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Syney Day 59

I have finally had some time to relax a little after working so much. Last week I worked 40+ hours in 5 days and this week my schedule has been a bit more relaxing although now I need the money and want more hours. I'm not complaining though because it's going ot get really busy soona dn with a lot of people quiting to travel so close to christmas time it'll leave more shifts open for me to have. Next week I have to work at 7am for a special breakfast the restaurant it holding.
Yesturday I went to a BBQ at Coogee beach and met a whole bunch of kool people. The weather wasn't the best but I had a lot of fun. I had to leave early though for work where I got nailed a bit by my managers. First I got introubel for not shaving (it was only 1 day and I completely forgot! We all make mistakes!) and later on I got nailed for wearing black socks (my black socks were in the wash!) but it's ok I wasn't in too much trouble.
Today is my day off so I went with some friend to Maroubra beach. First day in a while I really got to relax. It was quite windy at the beach but I just lied down on the sand and relaxed and even slept a little. It felt SO GOOD! I've been to 7 different beaches so far! Tonight i"m meeting up with the brits again and we're going to check out an area called Newtown. It's basically the University ghetto so that should be fun to check out. I can't party too hard though since I need to get up for work tomorrow. I'm working all day. at 12pm until about 4pm and then I'm back at 6pm until about 10pm.
Well it's dinner time now so I better go home and cook.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Sydney Day 56

Ok after a few days of tinkering, I finally put up some new pics. Unfortunately I had to delete all the other photos. My website hols a max of 25megs and I exceeded the limit. So here is what is up now:

Bondi Beach and Sculptures By The Sea - pics of when I walked along the costal walkweay and saw all these magnificent sculptures being exhibited.

Shaved Head - pics of when I shaved my head to raise money for breast cancer. I liked the look so much, I'm now keeping my hear short. I even bought an electric razor to keep it short.

Surf Camp - pics of me surfing! Now you'll know why I was nicknamed goggles!

Miscellaneous - I got a few more miscellaneous pics to check out.