Tuesday, June 29, 2004


As some of you might know from my latest MSN nicknames, my computer is fucked up! I can't print, click on links that use javascript. Long story short, I can't update my blog at home. I need to reinstall windows. I happen to have enough time to use the computer at work to write this entry. So fellow fans of my blog, keep checking back on my blog and hopefully I'll have it updated again in the next couple of weeks! Don't lose sleep over this, the adventures of Budman shall return!

Saturday, June 19, 2004

WHAT THE....?!?!

Ultra Freaky Ass Mini Post: All day yesturday there was a spot on my arm that was very itchy, possibly from a bug bite. When I got home my mom told me to go look in the top drawer in the bathroom to look for something to relief me of the icthing sensation. I open the drawer, start looking around, moving things and finally, WAY in the back, hidden behind other stuff, like my parents' toothbrushes and things, I discovered a giant tube of KY Jelly. This really freaked me out because I know my parents aren't hosting girl on girl wrestling matches in a kiddie pool filled with lubricant (à la Old School). I'm pretty sure the plumbing on my parents don't work anymore but with viagara and similar dugs these days, who knows... Please God, tell me I'm wrong!

Friday, June 18, 2004

International Producer

Last night I had one hell of a time. After work, I met up with some people and played ultimate frisbee for about an hour. It was a lot of fun. Once we were done, I headed over to the Fringe Fest, the alternative theater festival that is held every year. The show I went to see was called Pilk's Madhouse. It was supposed to be a comedy and was pegged as being "Monty Python meets Quentin Tarantino". All in all the show was fucked up but none-the-less funny and I still recommend it, especially if you go stoned.

After the show I ended up at the apartment, made Kraft Dinner for supper and then recieved a phone call from my buddy Sam. He invited me out for a nice relaxing evening of drinking beer at some bar on St. Laurent since there the street is all closed off for the St. Laurent Street Sale until sunday. We ended up meeting up with another good friend of mine, Joe, and went to two bars that night - Miami and Biftek. At Miami I ran into my buddy Greg and a bunch of his friends. Then after a few pitchers of beer, headed over to Biftek. The thing that made the night so enjoyable (and possibly nights to come) is the rumor that Sam created all of a sudden then last time I went out with him. He's concocted this story that I'm not just Joshua Budman, but in fact Joshua Budman: The International Producer of Ambient Trance Music. Originally, I didn't know what I produced, Same was just introducing me to people by saying "You don't know Joshua Budman, the INTERNATIONAL PRODUCER?" Finally someone asked what I produced. My first answer was porn, but that didn't go over very well, so it finally evolved into ambient trance music. That makes as much sense as does Cold Fussion since ambient music is laid back and slow while trance is up beat and fast. Anyways, I'm beginning to enjoy the faux title a bit too much. On the way home after the bars last night I ran into some random people and on e of them thought I was someone else. I told them they were mistaking me for someone else and her friends also agreed (they were all stoned by the way) but then I said "Don't you know who I am? I'm Joshua Budman, the international producer of ambient trance hip-hop" and one of them was all "really??". I said "no I'm just kidding." Then the lost interest in me so I left and went home. I think I'm going to keep this thing going on for while, you never know where it can lead me. So people, keep your eyes open for my latest production to hit the underground section at the local music stores in the near future.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Becoming One with my Feminine Side?

After being bugged by my friend Madeline (a.k.a Mad-Dog) for several days, I allowed her to do my nails. I didn't have the guts to let her do my finger nails but at least with my toes, I can cover them up with socks. She did them very creatively and made a special pattern or symbol on each toe. On my right foot she did a spider web, a spider, a flower and two creative designs while on my left foot she did sparkles, a clover, a creative looking B and two more creative patterns. I think it's kind of cool. My mom on the other hand does not. She came in my room and started to complain how messy my room is when all of a sudden she stopped talking. I turned to see why and all I see is her looking down at my toes and then at me. Immediately my mom says "what did yo do to your toes?!?! Scrape it off!!". I didn't think she'd care. Boy was I ever wrong. She was all "what happened?!?!". "My friend wanted to paoint my nails so I let her". Then my mom adds "You better not be turning gay!!! Or else!!" I don't know what's worse, thinking I'm gay because I have nail polish on my toe nails or the fact she threatened me to never become gay. For a good five minutes my mom just couldn't understand why I let someone paint my nails. I'm almost certain she thought I was kidnapped and forced to get it done because she kept acting like I've been subjected to some sort of crime or something. She also gave the typical "wait until your father see's this!". Good thing my father doesn't pay attention to most things because he walked in and out of my room several times and didn't mention a word. Then my mom came back in my room to put away my laundry just as I was taking the pictures of my toes. She looked at me, said "Joshua, you're embarrasing", and walked out.
My mom is pissed.

What a funny coincidence, but when I got home from the gym I ended up watching a movie on the digital TV we get. Out of all the movies to watch the same day I get my nails done for the first time, of course I had to end up watching Sorority Boys. Big laughs it aint, but I found it quite amusing. Basically, three guys get framed of stealing from the frat house they are part of known as KOK. They soon realize inside the frat is a tape that could have evidence that they are innocent. Their plan is then to infultrate the house by showing up as women which of course backfires, leaving them hopeless infront of a sorority. The rest of the movie is just how they live in the sorority and become more feminine while also trying to get the tape from the frat house. At one point two of the guys dressed as girls get into a fight and start yielding dildos they find like swords. The main chick even starts to fall in love with the main guy who's pretending to be a chick and all of sudden she's all lesbo, meanwhile she can't stand the guy when he's really a guy. In the end, the guy admits to being a guy and not a girl and after a brief moment of being pissed, the main chick eventually goes for the guy. This isn't the first time I've seen this. Does this really work? Well thankfully my mom only saw me with painted nails and not in women's underwear.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

BBQ + Tam Tam = Great Weekend

Although it was 4 days ago, I had a great summer weekend. Saturday night was a good old fashion BBQ infront of an apartment. We ate food, drank beer and watched the hockey game. Too bad the Flames lost the cup (2 days later), but I've never really been a hockey fan so it didn't really hurt me or anything. After the BBQ, my night just didn't seem to end. And hit St. Laurent and ended up at Frappe. There, I bumped into a bunch of random peoeple I knew from school, including that same chick from Cafe Campus and Biftek (see previous posts). It was her last night in Montreal ever (yay!) but she pulled the "I'm going to go over here now" move (boo!). Two shots of scotch and a pitcher of really nasty tasting unknown beer I ended up at 2$ chow mein again (notice a the trend?) and then back at Biftek. There I bumped into a couple of guys I knew from Frosh who were heckling any women walking by. I had fun watching them make fools of themselves but they weren't really acknowledging my prescence so I left and went to bed.

The next morning, I got up at 12pm and ended up at the Tam Tams at around 2pm. Every sunday people head over to Mont Royal and just chill out. People sell things (mostly hand made stuff or things made out of hemp like hacky sacks or used for hemp like pipes), some play drums and others play hacky sack or just tan in the sun. Some people even use it as a reason to smoke up. I ended up walking up the mountain along it's main trail for the first time in my life after living here all life. It took a good 2 hours to walk up and down. We took a shortcut on the way down by cutting through the trees but you can tell it's been done over and over again since all the grass is missing. I then hung out with some friends and just layed down on the grass and stared at the sky for about an hour. It was so beautiful and relaxing. I recommend you do it sometime. Just lie on your back on the grass on a nice sunny day and just stare at the sky.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Convocation Part Deux: Graduation with a Vengeance!

Last thursday was the big day. I graduated from McGill University with an honours in chemistry. The ceremony was held outdoors on the McGill campus. They weather wasn't so great. It was pretty dull outside and down poured near then end of the ceremony but only for a few minutes. It wasn't as nice as it was for the faculty of management, they had theirs held on a beautiful sunny day, but it surely was better than the weather that the faculty of engineering had. The ceremony may have been long but it was held in the most pimped-out tent I have ever been in. There were lights, fans and giant movie screens for those who couldn't see the stage from far. I got to sit next to my buddy Glen so that wasn't so bad. The whole ceremony lasted about 2 and a half hours. Afterwards, there was a small party at Otto Maass, the chemistry building. It was fun but my brother Lorne happened to borrow a video camera and became "that annoying relative with the video camera in your face saying things like 'Quick! Do that again but in front of the camera!'" After the party I ended up at a kosher restaurant for dinner with my family. I had the general tao chicken and it was delicious!

My night then began for I left my family, went back to the apartment and chenged into more comfortable clothes to await my guests for a small party. I had a case of beer and about 15 people showed up. We then made our way to Biftek (a.k.a The Biffer) and I had a great time. At the end of the night I helped myself to 2$ chow mein that is located on Pins and St Laurent. It's so cheap and tasted so good when you're drunk.

That night also marked a night that I can finally say I went home with a girl. That is, I friend of mine who happens to be female needed a place to sleep and she came over to use the couch. Hey, whatever thoughts come to mind when the words "I went home with a girl", I am not responsible for.

Congradulations to Chemsitry Class of 2003-2004!

Sunday, June 06, 2004


This is it. Last thursday I switched from undergraduate-hood to gratuate-hood. Yes, thats right, I graduated from university. I know it's scary, I'm scared too. All of last week was pretty hectic, leading up to convocation. At the beginning of the week my mom started to get all freaky and repeatedly kept saying "oh look at my son! He's all grown up!". Tuesday night, after work, I decided to skip going home and hearing that for the eleventy billionth time and headed to Cafe Campus instead for their retro music night. It was a great time. It marked the first time going to Cafe Campus on a tuesday night that was not involved in some organized party affiliated with SUS, the science undergraduate society of mcgill university. I ended up drinking quite a bit. Once my friends and I got there we bumped into people we knew who gave us free drinks for going to graduate. Then, up on the dance floor, things got wild. I bumped into that girl I mentioned about in a previous post and all my friends were like "go for her dude!". I ended up hanging out with her group of friends but no dice, she was grinding with another guy. Oh well. Then, sometime during the night, I was walking accross the dance floor and all of a sudden two guys broke into a fight. Being in the state I was in, without thinking, I grabbed one of the guys and held him back. I'm lucky I didn't get killed because I'm not hulk (or am I?). Anyways, the bouncers came, took them away, and I thought to myself "well, my work here is done" and went on my way. Later on that night, I myself almost got into a fight because a friend of mine made out with a chick and asked me for a pen so he can take her phone number down. Being the friednly person I am, I got a pen for him at the bar. Then when I went to return the pen I pushed my way to the bar where a druken guy got mad at me because he thought I was budding in line to buy beer. Upon several attempts to tell him he was wrong, I diagnosed him as being too drunk to reason with and walked away but I was afraid he was about to start something with me. Thankfully, nothing happened.

Wednesday was a long day at work because I was really tired. I didn't get much done in the morning. By lunch time I decided to go get a haircut to look nice for the next day. While I was at the hairdresser, my cell phone rang. It was a friend from work saying my brother from Toronto called me. This was odd because he usually calls my cell phone, not my office at work. I finished up with my haircut and then on the street decided to call my brother in Toronto to see what it was he wanted. No one picked up so I decided to leave a message. While I was leaving a message I said "Hi Mark, this is Josh. You called me and..." and then I hear from behind me "Hello!". I turned around and he was right there in the flesh. Believe me, I was suprised. Appentally, it was planned for over a week that he was going to come in to see me at convocation.

It's late and I'm getting tired. Writing about the actual day of convocation will take up a post in itself so I'm going to write about that soon. Keep posted!