Saturday, August 21, 2004

This won't promote viloence...No... Not at all.....

Mini Post: I just discovered this game called Def Jam - Fight for NY. It's so retarded! You get to pick your favorite rapper and kick the chit out of people in a fight. Choices I recognized were Busta Rhymes and Ludacris. It makes it lok like they are super human beings. I'm sure this won't be the start of a rappers war in New York... Nope... not at all...

Friday, August 20, 2004

Summer is Coming to an END!

Well, it's the end of August. School is starting soon. At least I'm no longer a student (Yay! no more studying!), but I'll still be working (boo! I have to be a grown up now!). I cleared out of the apartment already. Took down the decorations from the party I had in June. Emptied out all the left over food I bought. Took my clothes and belongings. Washed the blood off the walls. The place looks just like new. I got good use out of that apartment, especially the bed (wink wink, nudge nudge).

Thank you Andrew for giving me a chance to party hardy like a normal person who lives downtown! I finally got to experience downtown living!

Next up: Going to L.A. - I'll write all about it when I get back! Later!

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Is Budman The New Mascot for Michelan?

I've been out of commision since wednesday. I got my wisdom teeth pulled out. Two of them were impacted (lying sideways under my gums) so the doctor had to drill at them to break them up and make it easier to remove. I wasn't given a general anastetic. Imstead, my dentist gave me a sedative to make me feel 'happy'. The whole thing went relly quick in my mind. It felt like 5 minutes to get the first 2 teeth out and I remember glancing at my watch and realizing an hour had passed. Then I remember the dentist telling me that I was a really good patient and I remember laughing a lot. Shortly after he said I was a good patient, he said maybe 5 or 6 times to open my mouth because I was starting to fall asleep. Finally, when it was done, my mom showed up and I was brought into a room and had to lie down. The dentist then explained what I have to do to my mouth now that the procedure was over. I don't remember a thing he told me, and apperently, acording ot my mom, I told her I felt like I was stoned. Luckily, I was given a card telling me what to do. I had to put ice on my face to reduce the swelling that would happen, drink 10 glasses of water a day and tince my mouth 10 times a day with salt water. I was also given antibiotics and pain killers. I havn't needed to take many of the pain killers but on the couple of occasions that I did, I totally passed out at one point subsequent to taking them. I havn't had much pain over the past few days and the swelling has gone down, but for fun I documented the progress of my face getting bloated. Since I'm skinney, it doesn't look that bad, and one of my friends told me that now I look "normal". I still like my face the way it was... I havn't done much since I've been home and off work except rest, watch a few movies on t.v. and play Leisure Suit Larry games! Remember those? They were a series of games where you are a dirty old man who gets lots of hot women. The game itself is an adventure/puzzle game where you walk around and have to click on things and find items in order to continue the story and reach the end. Thursday I need to see the dentist again and hopefully by then I'll be good as new and will start drinking again thursday night!

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Hawaiin Party!

Firday Night I was at a Hawaiin House Party held at my friend Emily's appartment. It was a lot of fun. My plan was to go to an ice cream birthday party prior to this party but I wanted to make some leighs for the party and it took me such a ridiculously long time that I had no chance in going to both parties since they were at opposite ends of downtown. Once I did get there, my leighs were so tangled up I threw them away although I managed to salvage two of them and gave them to Glen and my friend Susan got to were them. They were just styrofoam animals I bought and tied to string. Also in the same pic, you can see how Glen went totally ALL OUT (!) and wore a skirt!.. I mean sarong... (still looks like a skirt to me...).There happened to be a bunch of people there from chemistry and others I didn't know. After a couple of hours, Joe had shown up and finally Sam and his buddy from Colorado who I remember being called Brown. That's when things started to get wild. At one point Sam decided to have a chugging contest with Ray. It was a tough battle, but Sam lost (and no he's not a midget, he was just all over the place). He was okay, though. He took the loss in a good spirit. The party started to die down until I busted out some Led Zepplin and a whole bunch of us were singing tunes until 3am. After listening to the album about twice over, it was time to go. Good times had by all! Especially Sam!

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Josh and Norm Go to Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

Last Wednesday I saw Harold and Kumar go to White Castle with my buddy Norm (and others) on Wednesday and it was HILARIOUS. It's your typical stoner movie with the plot being a simple trip turning into an adventure with crazy events happening one after another. I totally recommend it. Afterwards, Norm and I wanted to check out with kool sounding event at a place called Saphir. The ad said World's Worst Music/One Hit Wonders playing all night. So we went to check it out. The place was dead. There was some great old music I hadn't heard for a while, but none-the-less EMPTY! We played pool for a couple of hours and then left. Right above Saphir is this Hardcore Heavy Metal Biker Bar. I walked up there by accident when looing for Saphir and this girl all in black came to the door to welcome us and I just told her "I'm lost" and walked back down quickly before one of them could try sucking my blood or use me as a human sacrifice.

Monday, August 02, 2004

Bunny Ears

My buddy Norm just sent me this and it made me laugh. As quoted by him:


Sunday, August 01, 2004

Big Budman Turned 70!

Last night we held a suprise birthday party for my father in honour of his 70th birthday. We made arrangements at Bifteque (the steak house not Biftek, the bar) and invited about 20 friends and family. Boy did we have him fooled. Turned out that I got a card in the mail a while back which entitled me to a free bottle of wine for my birthday (July 26th) which was valid any day during the month. Since I never used it, we used the excuse of it being the last day we can use to get my dad interested in going to the restaurant. My brother Mark and his wife Connie (on the left) even came in from Toronto using the excuse that they came in due to the long weekend that they have in Toronto this weekend. Without him knowing, the others were already there waiting in the basement where all the banquet rooms are located. Once we go there, we weren't sure how we can lure him to go downstairs so my mom told me to go "check on the reservation" in the front. I get there and I'm coming up with a plan to have th ereception call our name and direct us downstairs. Little did I know that while I was coming up with a nice plan, my mom, brother and sister in law decided to just bring him downstairs without even waiting for me to return. So I hear my dad was really suprised but I wasn't actually there to see the look on his face. We had a nice meal and then decided to open the gifts. My dad has a younger brother and two younger sisters. The brother lives here in Montreal with is girlfriend, one sister is in Toronto and the other one is in Conneticut.The sister from Conneticut came up for the weekend with her boyfriend but the one from Toronto couldn't make it. Instead she ended up writing a hilarious poem describing my dad perfectly and instructed me to it read to the others because everyone thinks I'm the comedian in the family. He got a lot of other nice gifts that included some clothes, a gift certificate to The Bay and even a bottle of Armerretto. I ended up buying my dad an 11 piece bar kit which included a stainless steel shaker, a drainer, an ice bucket, corkscrew, etc. By far, the coolest gift was what my Aunt Shirley from Conneticut made up. She went and bought a Scabble board game and glued on the letter to spell out words related to my father, like things he enjoys and people's names invovled in his life. She even threw in a coffee table to place it on. All in all it was a wonderful affair, we all had fun and I'm glad that my dad enjoyed it!