Saturday, July 31, 2004

Guys + Beer + Strip Club - Fiancee = Strip Club

Last night a bunch of us went out for my friend and former instrumental analysis TA, Stuart MacDonald. He graduated from chem two years ago and I hadn't seen him since. I kew him for a ocuple of years at McGill not knowing that I had asked out his sister while I attended Vanier College two years prior to meeting him. I had a crush on this girl during my second year of cegep and decided to call her up and ask her out. Turned out a friend of mine beat me to it by 2 hours (he also called her up and asked her out). Then 2 years later I see this girl in the chem building. When I asked her why she was there she replied "I'm here to see my brother" and then she walked up to Stuart, so that was really weird when it happened. Anyways, back to bachelor parties and naked women...So a bunch of us were at Sam's apartment getting loaded and then we hit a strip club. Not Club Super Sexe, one of the most famous clubs in Montreal, but a place right next door, owned by the same people, called Super Contact! Once inside and 85$ later, we got our buddy Stuart on the stage with 2 strippers (who were both clothed). They took off his shirt and shorts and then made him go on all fours. Then one sat on his back and pulled down his undies so we saw his ass. After riding him like a horse for a few minutes they made him lie down on the stage and pulled off his boxers completely. Then they smacked his but cheeks several times with a belt. It was hilarious. Finally, when it was over, he had no shame at all and stood up completely naked. So we basically paid 85$ to see Stuarts wee wee. All the guys in the club stopped cheering at this point and covered their eyes "Ahh a naked MAN! I'm not gay! I'm NOT GAY!" (No one actually said that but I'm sure a few people were thinking it. It then took us a while to leave because as we were about to leave, we'd find a reason to stay longer like waiting for someone to finish their beer or something like that. Finally, Stuart made the call of leaving by running out of the club in a hurry with us chasing after him and then witnessing him basically puke the distance of a block. He was still good for more apperently because we hit up Peel Pub for a GIANT pitcher of beer (4L for 40$). All in all it was a great night.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Budman Sings The Darkness!

A while back I wrote how I went to a kareoke bar called Vocals and sang "I believe in a thing called love" by The Darkness. Well it turns out someone videotaped it with their camera or phone-camera and sent me a copy of it today. You can't see anything but you can hear my beautiful voice. Just block your ears near the end, I'll admit it gets pretty painful. Many thanks to Dustin for giving me space on his ftp to host this movie. So enjoy and remember to believe in a thing called L-O-V-E!

Monday, July 26, 2004

Happy Birthday To Me!

Today was my birthday! Yay! I turned 23! I didn't do anything super special because I ended up getting super drunk on friday. Instead, today I just took it easy. At work we usually shut down at 3:30 and gather around and drink tea. It's a tradition that when it's your birthday, you supply the cake. I ended up bringing raspberry pie for everyone from Rockaberry. Rockaberry is the coffee/pie place I used to work at before attending McGill. Their pies are amazing, especially their apple pie, but their service sucks. I don't even like raspberry but I figured why not make others happy. After work I went to Ben and Jerry's with my friend Nadine and she treated me to a milk shake. I got chocolate chip cookie dough. It was so good. AFterwards, I met up with some family. It turns out one of my cousins who lives in Stanford, Conneticut, participated in the Iron Man triathalon race this past weekend. He placed 300 out of 1800 participants. Since he, his wife and baby girl were so close to Montreal, they came to visit and in turn we had a tiny cousins reunion. It was fun because it happened to fall on my birthday. We went to one of my cousin's house and ordered pizza. It was good to see everyone again. Afterwards, you guessed it, my brother took me to Ben and Jerry's and treated me to ice cream. Seems that ice cream is a popular present these days. I didn't get anything out of the ordinary for my birthday except money but I don't expect anything anyways. Just having fun with my friends and family is all I ask for.
The craziest story I have related to my birthday has got to be the fact that I was born Sunday, July 26th, 1981 at 6:45 am. 1 year exactly on Sunday, July 25th, 1982 at 6:45 am my grandfather (mother's father) was pronounced dead (he was ill). My mom has always believed that I was born in time to replace him since his time was coming short (because he was old, not that he deserved to die or anything...). Well, I guess it just goes down from here with age...

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Budman Returns

It's been almost a full month since I've last updated my blog. My computer was out of commission but one of my computer savy friends spruced it up and I can now continue and make the best blog ever (and complete Bryan's life - thanks for showing so much interest in my blog Bryan!)

So what have I done in the past month you ask? The answer: PLENTY. I may go into more details later but here is a sum of my newest adventures:
In the end of June I saw The Darkness. It was by far one of the best concerts I have seen. They really rocked. The lead singer, Justin Hawkins wore the craziest jumpsuits! The coolest part of the show was when all of a sudden he disappears from the stage and the bassist starts pointing to the crowd. When I looked to the right, Justin Hawkins was propped on a few bouncers' shoulders, walking through the croawd while playing a guitar solo. My buddy Sam almost fainted from so much joy (he was really clutching his chest).

The craziness of the concert spills into my next story. After the show I bought a t-shirt as a souvenir and so did Glen and Sam (making it the 3rd Darkness shirt he now owns) and of course the next day at work, we were all sporting the same shirt. After a concert like that there is nothing else you could wear! That night I was walking around Crescent street because I wasn't tired, checking to see if there was anyone I knew hanging out at one of the bars. I couldn't find anyone but so many people kept stopping me, screaming "THE DARKNESS! WOOO!". Just as I gave up and was walking home, I got picked up by three chicks. They stopped me to ask how the show was and then brought me to Hurley's Irish Pub for a beer. Turns out 2 of them are from Ireland living here for the summer. They got their work visas through a program called SWAP - Students Working Abroad Program. Every wednesday at Peel Pub, others on the program come out to meet people and have a good time. Through that, I've meet more girls from Scotland, Czech Republique and Germany. I've also gone out with the same people a few times. We since went to a salsa club - Cactus, Jello Bar and club 737. I still go every wednesday and party with them. It's great.

I was supposed to get my wisdom teeth removed on July 16th but because I got sick (probably from too much partying), I had to get it moved to august 11th. Can't wait to get it over with.

I've also come to discover that I have one of the chillest lab research jobs ever. Dr. Gray, my supervisor is one fo the nicest people I have ever met and is super relaxed. There is a french exchange student working for us for the summer and her project involves looking at why trees twist (they really do - lookt at old ones expecially) so Dr. Gray decided to take the whold lab group went on field trip to the Botanical Gardens? How cool is that? There some really kool bonzai plants and flowers. Everything was kool until we ran into a plant monster! But he was going to hurt us, he was really tired and was just looking for his bed (flower and bed, flower bed - wah wah wah...).

The last exciting thing I did in the past month was go out for my birthday which is tomorrow! I'll be a whopping 23. I went to Biftek with a binch of people to celebrate. It was a great time. About 25 of my friends showed up, some I haven't seen in a really long time. I was wise, I didn't have any beer... I had tons of shots instead. I only threw up once and still went back for another shot. I even played my best game of pool for the summer so far even though I couldn't see straight, it was so freaky!.

The next day I spent the day sitting in the sun at my supervisors cottage, riding on 3 hours of sleep. It was very relaxing. That night I went to see John Pinette. He is a comedian and was hilarious. Some of you might recognize him as the fat guy who's car was being stolen while Jerry Seinfeld and Co pointed and laughed at him, causing themselves to get thrown into jail during the last episode of Seinfeld.

As for today, I got my PC back. It's running great! I also streaked my hair red. It's running great! And I updated my blog. It's running great!

So keep coming back for I plan to start updating my blog more often. "Until next time - same Blog time same Blog channel". NANANANANA BUDMAN!