Sunday, February 25, 2007

Best sense of direction EVER....

Friday night I was driving down to Laval. By accident, instead of heading North, I went South. Unfortunately, I didn't really know which direction I needed to go specifically, I just knew by sight that I hit the wrong exit. That being said, I knew I just needed to go the other direction (but did not actually know which direction I was going not, which was South). No problem. I just needed to get off at the next exit, turn around and go back on the 13.

Not so sweet.

I got off at the next exit but ended up on another highway (250) heading West. Ok, so I was now going back towards my house, no biggie. Just get off at the next exit and turn around... The next exit was Dorval! I drove past the airport! Finally, I got off at Cardinal dt. turned around and ended on the 520 est. I was getting somewhere!

And then more lost...

When I hit the 13 yet again, I accidently went South. Again. This time I didnt' even know it and I drove all the way until the highway stopped existing and it turned into the 20. Again I got off the next exit, which was Lasalle!

Anyways, 45 minutes total of driving, I finally made it to Laval.

On the way home it took me 15 minutes.

ON the bright side, I'll never forget to go North to Laval from now on.

Friday, February 23, 2007


That's right. McGill Improv's annual 24 hour spectacular is back!

Click the picture to read all the info!

For those who don't go to McGill, it's in the Shatner (SSMU) Building located at 3600 McTavish way up the hill on the left.

When you're done with us, there's Nuit Blanche, an overnight festival happening all over Montreal. Sleep deprivation of 48hours! Hooray!

Note: The word Vaganza was chosen for the sole purpose of it being a shortened version of the word Extravaganza and has no affiliation with the word Vagina (although they look/sound the same). That being said, I had no intentions of a pun when I put down "Unlimited re-entry" (in fact I only realized this after I printed it)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Job Hunting Sucks

I finished my graphic design program back in December. At first I used the holidays as an excuse to dick around. Then I sort of looked around for jobs but was getting so many leads from my recruiter, was busy working on stuff for my client and was working a lot at Old Navy.

Now it's almost March, I haven't had an invitations for an interview, haven't heard back from the 2 interviews I did have, stuff with my client is on hold and Old Navy cut down everyone's hours. This leaves me with tons of free time, and I"m bored out of my mind. I know, I know, you're probably yelling at your computer monitor now wishing that you had nothing to do because you're so sick of work/school/killing hookers and burying them in your farm, but a lot of nothing to do gets boring after a while. I've been going out a lot lately but don't feel I deserve it because I spend my days either in front of my computer (reading Dr. McNinja comics), watching tv or a movie on TV or going downtown.

On the bright side I did start to apply to more jobs. On the really shitty side, I just discovered today I had 2 spelling mistakes on my CV from DAY ONE! Unfortunately I don't own a copy of the program I used to type up my CV (Quark Xpress) on my PC at home (actually I downloaded a ripped version. It worked fine and I was completely surprised until I realized I can't save for some reason...). So, I have to go to school to fix it up. Would someone night hire you for misspelling urgency as ergency?

I did go to a YES (Youth Employment Services) orientation and learned that networking is key. Anyone need a graphic designer??

Thursday, February 08, 2007

New book time!

I was reading Tad Williams Otherland series. I read the first book and really liked it. The second one was SO bad. It just kept dragging on and on. I wanted to finsihed it but I lost it. That goes to show how much I really wanted to read it all. After not reading anything besides a couple of Maxim magazines I decided to buy a new book. I was looking into getting this book a friend recommened about Professional pick up artists. It looked really interesting but WAY to expensive for me (40$!). So I opted for Stephen King's Dark Tower book 1. I heard good things and decided it's time to try it out. A nice 10$ price tag helped seal the deal.

Job seeking looking up... way up

Today I had an interview for a graphic design job at Joseph Ribkiff (designer womens clothing).
In typical budman fashion, I had to print my portfolio (yet again, this happened last time) the DAY of the interview. This time however, I didn't even have time to eat breakfast. Last time I printed my portfolio it cost me 50$ because I got charged each time they had to open a file. They suggested the next time I put it all in a PDF file and that way I only get charged once for the open fee. So I did and it was cheaper. Yay! But all the prints came out with slightly different colors due to the program. Fuck! ("Oh! I like it much better that you changed the background from purple to blue" "Wait... I didn't change the backgr... WTF?!?"). Thankfully no one that looks at them would realize those are different colors so I'm in the clear.

I made there at 9:52 with my interview at 10:00am. I realized when I parked I forgot the person who I needed to meet's name. After screaming on the phone at my mom to turn on my computer and find it, I was all set. I run inside, and a couple of people walk by from both directions, one with a bunch of clothes. Reminded me a tad of "the Devil Wears Prada, but not as crazy.

After rushing in and being told that I had to wait, I put my coat in the closet and sit down. I look around and realize, Amélie, my former classmate and friend has been waiting there the whole time. She had an interview after mine.

The whole interview was 15 minutes. I met with the person, sat down, got asked to explain myself, she flipped through my portfolio faster than 747 jet, explained to me that they need someone to make layouts and work with photos on all kinds of jobs and finished with the fact that she'll need to try me out for a little "test". At most I'll be given a logo and a picture and text and just need to make a small poster or something.

So I'll just wait and see