Thursday, September 29, 2005

Shitty Weather

Todaym the weather sucks! It's cold, windy and rainy outside. Makes me totally miss the weather in Australia, especially Cairns, where it was warm all the time. Well on the bright side, I hope to spend all today working on my photo album. As of this morning, I finally finished copying all the photos from the CDs (I have 12 CDs of photos). Minus all the pictures that didn't come out, I took a total of 3696 photos and have placed them in 118 folders. Don't worry, a lot of them are duplicates of the same thing, and I'm hoping to choose the BEST photos for my album. That should narrow it down to at least 1000 pics. That may seem a lot but it'll take about 10 minutes to look through them all at a slow pace, probably 5 minutes at a faster pace.
The next step I have planned is to take the selected photos and label each one properly and set up a photo CD that can be viewed on a DVD player. Once I'm done that, I'm hoping to make a more in depth slide show for the computer. It' sa good thing I'm not going to school or working right now...

Speaking of schools I started to look into a dew of them. I havn't contacted any yet but I've researched the websites for Dawson, Cinac and Inter-Dec. Each offer slightly different programs for different prices and the duration of each program is varied. I spoke to someone who recommended I contact McGill and find out if they have a career or conceling service with resources to look into other schools. I e-mailed them and I'm waiting for a response.

As for what I've been up to, Monday I went to another McGill Drawing Society workshop. I met a girl there from Australia so that was a lot of fun talking to her. Then when the workshop started, this time the model was an older guy. Yes, he was naked. No it didn't turn me on. I tried using different kinds of pencils this time and mostly stuck with 2H and 2B. They gave a nice contrast to each other and helped me to shading. I'm still not that good but some of the pictures were not that bad.

Tuesday I went downtown for an Improv show. The show was at Gerts. THERE ARE FREE SHOWS EVERY TUESDAY AT GERTS LOCATED IN THE BASMENT OF THE SHATNER/SSMU BUILDING ON MCTAVISH! COME! BRING YOUR FRIENDS! BRING YOUR ENEMIES! I actually got to perform. I felt a little rusty but the show was pretty good although the only audience we had were people involved with McGill Improv. I can't wait until Saturday foir an actual workshop. I want to get back into improv and really try to improv my technique. I feel less stressed since I"ve been away and I'm hoping i can incoporate that into my acting.

Besides that, tomorrow (Friday) I'm going to be participating in the McGill Chemistry Pub Crawl. I happen to be at the right palce at the right time and ended up buying a T-shirt for the crawl. 15$ and we go to 5 different bars! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone that I still know who are studying chem (most are grad students).

Also, I went to SUS (Science Undergraduate Society) and spoke to Marta, an old friend, who is now the president. I asked if I could be the official poster guy to help design stuff and build a portfolio for potential schools and she said they needed a guy and they liked my asking price (free...). That being said, someone I know gave me links to free open source versions of the programs I'll need ot get my graphic design career started so I can't wait to download them and start playing away!

Things are looking up for the Budman!


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