Thursday, July 27, 2006

Oops... I mean... SUPRISE!

So the otherday I was writing how I ALMOST spoiled my friends suprise birthday party by accidently mentioning some hints to her. Well it turns out that Yusin DOES read my blog and the party is cancelled. On the otherhand, instead of being disappointed with me she is quite excited and cheerful since it turns out every year someone she knows throws her a surprise party and let me tell you, this screw up was not expected at all.

Now, instead of meeting at her place for a suprise dinner, several classmates and I are gathering for dinner tomorrow night at Angelina and Guidos right accross the street from my school which gives me a chance to work hard tomorrow and then make a stroll over to the restaurant.

Speaking of school, I'm really feeling the fists of the homework really tightening around my neck and the more I try to rush through things the more i feel that I'm falling behind, so I"m quite happy to be celebrating mine and the other's birthdays to keep my sanity, haha.

Only two weeks left!!


Andrew said...

Budman, your life is one of the most LOL-worthy lives of which I am privileged to be privy.

TK said...

First, you spoil my comic book surprise from Soapy, twice. Now, it's a birthday party.

LOL! You're a hoot!

Billy Ruffian said...

The fists of Homework Fury?

The Homework Fist of the North Star?

Are you oppressed by the iron fist of homework?

Are you getting homework hand over fist?

Budman said...

What miracle solution can you offer me for 5 small payments of $19.99 plus shipping and handling?

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you like to be a BUDMAN too!
Be a BUDMAN, tra -la - la la la

Anonymous said...

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