Sunday, May 27, 2007

Joshua Budman, Employed Graphic Designer

Wednesday, I was my frist day at Jets, Sets and Elephants. The office is located at the corner of St Laurent and Cremazie Ouest. Not being familiar with the bus route and due to the bus strike, I got up really early and ended up getting there extremely early - before 8am. I went for coffee but by 8:30am I got bored waiting around and went upstairs.

Once inside I got a tour of the office. It's quite nice with many little offices and a few cubicles. there is a giant kitchen with a fridge and not one but two microwaves. They also like to brew coffee continuously throughout the day, so I think I'm finally going to get hooked on the stuff (for years I've been convincing myself I dont' drink "coffee" since I usually have fancy coffees like mochachinos or caramel machiatos at Starbucks).

I got to meet everyone at the place and they all seem very nice. I soon discovered that I have my very own office with a brand spanking new mac computer, a huge monitor, my own phone with an extension number and even my very own kleenex box!

I didn't know what to expect on the first day, but my new boss got me started right away! We sat down with he marketing person and we discussed what is planned for the company, how they want to produce about 17 different lines of products marketed for all kinds of people. Then I was given my first little project deadline, which was to fix up a particular label set on the computer, print them out, cut them and paste them onto bottles to have a mock up (sample) of the real thing. I was really surprised that when my boss came to check up on me and we ended up playing with the label file together, that when I gave a suggestion on something we should try, that she actually took my advice and tried it out, instead of giving me a speech like "well you're new and I've been doing this for 15years so your input isn't good enough" or something.

All in all, my first day was great.

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