Saturday, July 31, 2004

Guys + Beer + Strip Club - Fiancee = Strip Club

Last night a bunch of us went out for my friend and former instrumental analysis TA, Stuart MacDonald. He graduated from chem two years ago and I hadn't seen him since. I kew him for a ocuple of years at McGill not knowing that I had asked out his sister while I attended Vanier College two years prior to meeting him. I had a crush on this girl during my second year of cegep and decided to call her up and ask her out. Turned out a friend of mine beat me to it by 2 hours (he also called her up and asked her out). Then 2 years later I see this girl in the chem building. When I asked her why she was there she replied "I'm here to see my brother" and then she walked up to Stuart, so that was really weird when it happened. Anyways, back to bachelor parties and naked women...So a bunch of us were at Sam's apartment getting loaded and then we hit a strip club. Not Club Super Sexe, one of the most famous clubs in Montreal, but a place right next door, owned by the same people, called Super Contact! Once inside and 85$ later, we got our buddy Stuart on the stage with 2 strippers (who were both clothed). They took off his shirt and shorts and then made him go on all fours. Then one sat on his back and pulled down his undies so we saw his ass. After riding him like a horse for a few minutes they made him lie down on the stage and pulled off his boxers completely. Then they smacked his but cheeks several times with a belt. It was hilarious. Finally, when it was over, he had no shame at all and stood up completely naked. So we basically paid 85$ to see Stuarts wee wee. All the guys in the club stopped cheering at this point and covered their eyes "Ahh a naked MAN! I'm not gay! I'm NOT GAY!" (No one actually said that but I'm sure a few people were thinking it. It then took us a while to leave because as we were about to leave, we'd find a reason to stay longer like waiting for someone to finish their beer or something like that. Finally, Stuart made the call of leaving by running out of the club in a hurry with us chasing after him and then witnessing him basically puke the distance of a block. He was still good for more apperently because we hit up Peel Pub for a GIANT pitcher of beer (4L for 40$). All in all it was a great night.


Anonymous said...

My favourite part of this story is how you included your TA's full name.

Is the name of the place called "Super Contact" or "Super Contact!"? I think every business should add an exclamation mark to their name. Bagels Van Horne!

Your journal continues to be the blogness monster in an ocean of mixed metaphors.

Stuart's fiance

Glen said...

fiance? Does Stuey have a fiance and a fiancee? What a lucky bisexual man!

Anonymous said...

Tell stuart i still want my weed pipe back. I'm still pretty sore at having to buy a new one back in Vancouver. He can send it to me by mail since you have my address. Actually.... that might not be such a good idea. I'll come pick it up when I visit Montreal. What's he doing back anyways?