Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Sydney Day 7 (Week 1)

Wow! It's already been 1 week! Time seems to be going slow since I've done so much already. Ysturday was a very productive day. I went job hunting again in the morning. I walked around an area called Darling Harbour (Think Old Port of Montreal) and handed CVs to every place I thought i could work at. A seafood restaurant called Jordan's was interested in me and will let me do a training shift tonight as a "foodie". Basically I bring food to tables. I'm officially a waiter's assisant's assistant. The restaurant is huge and has lots of positions so it seems like a good place for promotion if I work hard enough, that's what the manager told me. Plus the bartender is Canadian from Vancouver and he seemed like a nice guy. Aside from that, on th eotherside of the Harbour, a bar called One World sport, will try me out as a "glassie" (Australian's tend to like to add 'ie' to the end of every word). Basically I just have to pick up dirty beer glasses and check out the bathroom. I was told though, that they may train me on the bar on slow nights if all goes well so that's exciting. I'd be happy if I could work at both and gain experience in both regimes.

I also went to check out 2 apartments yesturday and 1 today. One of them has great potential. It's in a nice ares, VERY close to the Harbour (great if I get those jobs). The specks include a pool, sauna, gym, bbq on the roof, balcony, my own room to share with Stephanie, a full kitchen and a washer and dryer. All for a very inexpensive price for here. There is also a post office and supermarket nearby. I said I'd think about it but unless i find something better, which so far I havn't, I'll probably take it. Staphine really liked it too so I'll have to figure it out with her soon.

Last night I entered in a "stand up comedy contest". It was at a pub that never done it before. I was the only official guy interested in it. Everyone else just jumped on last second and had nothing funny to say. I on the other hand wrote stuff the night before and also had nothing funy to day. In fact I was horrible, but for being the worst one, I won a free t-shirt and 2 beers! Who say's it sucks to be a loser? I was also told i can give it another shot if i really want, so maybe i'll actually take some time and practice a bit and write some funny jokes before attempting it again.

The weather is starting to really warm up. yesturday was a record breaker of 38 degrees celcius. Highest for Sydney EVER.

Well I better get going, only a few hours till I have to got to work.


Mariana said...

Two job trainings in the first week?! Good start, yo!

Work at restaurants is good because you usually get meals on your shift. Bar experience would also be awesome.

Good luck with house-finding!

Anonymous said...

38 degrees?! Well, Sydney is now on the list of cities I never want to live in for a long period of time. Sorry, Sydney, but despite inane comments by psychologists that talking about the weather means you have nothing to say, weather does matter a lot to me.

On that note, psychologists are a bunch of idiots.