Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Vancouver (Cont'd)

After a well needed 11 hours of sleep I had a pretty big day ahead of me in the city of Vancouver. I spent the morning walking around this huge park called Stanley Park. I walked along Coal Harbour and I got to see the Lion's Gate Bridge, the younger sibling to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. By afternoon I met up with my cousin and we went for all you can eat sushi. Yum! Afterwards we went to sunset beach where we chilled and digested our lunch. It was pretty amazing being able to see the Pacific Ocean and say that in 2 days I'm going ot be seeing it from the OTHER side! Like Jim Morrison says, I'm going to "break on through to the other side"! After chiling, we rented "A Man on Fire" and ate pizza back at his place. I called it an early night since I was still tired from the time difference.
This morning I woke up and took a ferry over to Grandville Island. On the island I met up with a friend from McGill and ate lunch together and walked around this nice little area called Market Place. Afterwards, I ferried back 'home' and have just been resting, couting down the time for the big flight. In less then an hour I'll be on my way to the airport where I'll be flying for 6 and a half hours to Honolulu with an hour break and then the long haul of 10 hours to Sydney! I can't wait to get there, too bad there's this big thing in the middle called the Pacific Ocean that I have to cross in order to get there.
More updates to come and maybe even some pictures!


Joshua said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Budman said...

hehe, actually, you're right. It sure wasn't. Go California fog!

Anonymous said...

It's Vancouver Island!!! Granville is a street, and the small island is connected to downtown. Oh... foget it.


Anonymous said...

too bad i didn't know you were in vancouver then, as i was there at the same time. we could have met up. anyway, have a good trip.


Joshua said...

Hey, what happened to my previous comment? It got "removed by a blog administrator"?

Anonymous said...

That's highly suspicious. Seeing as there is only one blog administrator on this particular blog. I would like to see the original comment and I would like to know the reasons for its removal. I demand an independant committe and a step-down of the blog administrator from active duty until this issue is resolved. Most of all, I demand transparency and justice because I feel oppressed. Me.