Monday, November 01, 2004

Sydney day 26

I forgot to mention in the last update that I got together with my relatives that live in Australia. It is a man and women who are much older than me, Jenny and Micheal. The woman and I are second generation cousins. My Grandfather and her Grandfather ( I believe) were brothers. They moved to Australia from Russia and have been leavin ghere for many years. The took me out for dinner with their whole family. Jenny's 2 daughters, 3 grandchildren and sister and brother in law also came along. It was nice to meet them all. We went out for chinese food and it was delicious. The funniest thing was that Jenny, being very traditional, asked me if I would like to sleep over since I lived quite a distance from them and it would have been tough to drive me home. Her daughter Diana offered to drive me and it was settled but Jenny kept insiting I sleep over. Finally, after Diana convinced her that is really was ok that she drive me home, Jenny turns to me and says "It's ok, whatever you want to do Josh.... You can sleep over if you want" heheh! In the end I got a lift home. We agreed to stay in touch and I will be giving them a call sometime soon.

Last night was Halloween! It kicked ass! By far the most fun I've had so far on halloween. At 4:45 I suited up as Optimus Prime and walked to the harbour where the boat for the cruise was leaving. My roomate Stephanie walked with me to laugh at me and see everyone's reaction, seeing some guy dressed in cardboard during late afternoon. As I passed by, cars were honking at me! Finaly at the dock, there were others dressed up just as crazy as I was. Three brits came dressed as Nazi's! They spend 200$ each to buy authentic uniforms from an army shop. They had hats and even arm bans with Swatzikas. It was quite scary actually but fun nonetheless. There were a lot of zombies, witches and pirates. Everyone love dmy costume. On the boat was all you can eat meat and all you can drink pop, wine and beer. Once inside the boat I had to take off the head of the costume ebcause the roof was too low and I was too tall. Eventualy I just walked around with my knees bent. Everyone kept tapping me on the shoulder saying that I had the coolest costume they had ever seen and wanteds a photo with me. I was tempted to start charging 5$ because it was just getting so out of hand! Once the boat hit shore again we went to a bar called Side Bar. Inside, same thing, everyone loved my costume. Once i got to hot to wear it all the time i let others try it out. I was so popular strangers were buying me drinks. Towards the end someone came up to me and said it was the coolest costume he had ever seen and wanted to buy me a drink. He returned with this GIGANTIC mug filled with beer. It must have been a litre of beer. I spent an hour drinking it. It turned out that the guy actually worked there (he could possibly have been the manager or owner) and he asked me if I could donate the costume to their "wall of fame". I agreed since I didnt need it anymore. In return, he let me keep the mug and he game wthis awesome white sun visor that has their logo across the front and says Sydney Australia across the side. Fun was had by all!

As I promised... PICTURES!


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Anonymous said...

You look great Optimus...I mean Josh! Great costume. Too bad there were no cash prizes for best costume. Glad you had a great time at Halloween. Keep on posting!


Glen said...

Looks like your costume was a hit! Vicky from my lab and her boyfriend dressed up as Transformers as well - I think they were the tape machine and the tape (that's also a panther). Too bad you didn't keep the costume because you three could re-enact a couple of episodes. Always good to hear from ya, Budman - keep on keepin' on.