Monday, November 22, 2004

Sydney Day 46

Last Thursday I did my first full double shift at work and it was ridiculous! I started work at 9am and took a break at 3pm. After a quick nap, shower and dinner, went back to work at 6pm and finished at 12:30am. It wasn't bad though. I quite enjoyed the evening shift. A lot of people I enjoy working with were with me that night and we had to sing happy birthday to 4 people in a row! It's always exciting when we sing happy birthday because we try to get everyone together and then we sing really loudly and here after you sing you go "Hip hip Hooray!", but I"m not sure why. I was told it has something to do with the queen or something.

Friday during the day I got all my stuff ready for my surf trip! It was really crappy weather in the city, rainy and cold. I met up with James at the meeting spot and once everyone gathered we ended up on this small surf bus and drove to the beach. We stayed in a beach area called Seven Mile Beach. We slept in tiny cabins with bunk beds which was the 'surf camp'. That night we got a lift to a tiny pub, chilled and called it an early night. Saturday morning we all got up at 7:30, had a quick breakfast and got ready to surf! I was given a wet suit and a 9 foot long surf board. We walked to the beach and was taught how to lie on the board and how to stabd up. I picked it up pretty fast and was able to ride the waves. We surfed for 2 hours, went back for lunch and a quick nap and then headed back to the each for another 2 hours. At night we all went to the only lively pub in the area. It was a fisherman's club and there were a lot of senior people there drinking. It's so tiny the area that the place closed at 12am. That night was fun, we got to get to know everyone on the trip. For the first time, the majority of people there were canadian! They seemed like kool guys. Because when I surfed I had to wear these prescription goggles in order to see, my nickname became Goggles and one girl insited on calling me Robin (from Batman and Robin). The next day was the same thing. Two 2 hour lessons of surf with lunch in between. The weather was a lot nicer than the first day. The first day was overcast and cold. The second day was sunny and nice. I got the hang of standing on the board and also even a little bit of turning. I was told by the head instructor I was one of the best people there amongst the other beginners. I felt great until I hear him say the same thing to someone else but I did think I was a bit better and staying up then most people. It's not hard to surf if you have balance. I have tons of amzing/funny photos to prove I can surf and promise to put hem online shortly.

I have a growing collection of pics now. I've taken about 350 pics not including the surf trip. I bought a photo CD from the surf camp with about 70 pics of me and about 20 pics of miscellaneous stuff taken over the weekend so I'm almost at 500 pics since I got here. I have them all on CD so I promise to upload them onto my photo website soon.

I got today and tomorrow off work which is great since I'm so sore from the surf trip. Tomorrow I'm planning on doing a walk from Bondi to Coogee Beach with IEP. It also includes a 2$ BBQ lunch so hopefully the weather will be nice enough to go.

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