Monday, April 11, 2005

Surfers Paradise Day 5

Friday day I met this great German named Tobias. We chated it up and then at night we went to a bar with the hostel called The Shack. I had a really good time and even bumped into 2 irish girls I met on my tour in Nimbim.

Saturday night I paid 25$ and ended up on a club crawl. We went to 3 club/bars : Melbas, Shooters and The Shack. It was an OK night but nothing great. I was hoping ot meet people on the crawl but no one involved really sociallized with anyone. I got a group photo and a keychain necklace, though, which is pretty cool.

Sunday I hung out at the beach and played some soccer with a bunch of guys from the hostel. I then took it easy sunday night.

Today I went to the beach with Tobias and hung out. The weather was finally nice and sunny, the rest of the time here it was rainy. In fact the weather was so good we went back to the beach again.

Tonight being my last night, I'm off to The Irish Pub and then Shooters for a free drink we get for staying at the hostel and hopefully some dancing.


Tobias @ Bavaria said...

This is Toby from Germany.I´m waiting for the Pictures from Surfers. Come on!

Budman said...

That's so funny I got your message today since this morning I was looking at my CD case and said to myself 'shit! I never sent Tobias that picture... aybe I'll do it today...' and then I left my photo CD back in my room. SORRY for the long wait but I'll get it to you soon I promise. I'll try later this week.