Saturday, April 02, 2005

Sydney to Byron Bay Day 3

Despite it being a bar, I slept quite well.It was actually the best sleep I had all week. We left Bingara with a full day of driving ahead of us. We watched Starsky and Hutch on the bus to kill time. We stopped at Inverell for a quick break. It's actually a gayleck word for "meeting place" and is known to be a big scottish community hence it being a non-aboriganol name. We then drove through Glen Innes and went to Gibraltar National Park. This was followed by Grafton and then I got a chance to get a picture of the Giant Prawn in Ballma. Australia is known for having giant sculptures of things for restaurants and what not, like the giant apple that you see on the drive from Montreal to Toronto.
By late afternoon we stopped at Lennox Head to celebrate the birthday of 2 people on our bus. We had 14 bottle of champagne amonst 40 of us. Got a chance to see the pacific ocean again!

By 5pm I we got into Byron Bay! I checked into my hostel which was completely booked so I was very smart to book a couple of weeks in advance. The rooms are quite nice with a fridge, sink and proper bathroom. I'm sharing the room with 3 swedish guys. They seem like a lot of fun. After dinner I went to the msot popular backpacker bar in town called Cheeky Monkeys to meet up with my bus group. It was a crazy time there. For being part of the oz experience they got us involved with playing games on stage. I ended up in 2 games. The first one was to win some free beer or something and it involved my eating a meat pie, drinking a beer and then doing 20 pushups, situps and star jumps. I was so slow by the time i finished the beer, someone had beaten me and one the contest. The next one I was in was to win a free sky dive jump and involved choosing heads or tails. I was competing against others and when you got it wrong, you either had a choice to leave the game or remove a piece of clothing. Lets just say I gave it a good try and ended up in my undies butthen I ended up leaving the game. The winner ended up being a girl and she won because she decided to remove her top in order to have one more chance in the game.
After Cheeky Monkeys, I bumped into my bis driver Luke and we went to another bar right ebfore I called it quits.

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