Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Halloween 2005

In celebration of Halloween, this year I went to the McGill Chemistry Halloween party followed by my friend Andrew's house party. Both were fun with people dressed up in great costumes. Click HERE to see photos!

Included, as well, are a few photos from work (Old Navy) as to which I dressed up as a Man on Vacation in Hawwaii for wearing my Doctor Octopus costume would have been too difficult (however, I returned to work on Halloween itself with my Doc Ock costume and had a photo taken and was entered in the contest for best costume). Also, the pic of the two girls and a guy, one girl dressed as an old person and the other as a sailor are supposed to be Old and Navy!

In related news, I went to work today and found out I had won the contest for best costume. I was under the impression the prize was a 50$ gift certificate to Old Navy. It was, in fact, a 50$ certificate to HMV. Sweet!

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Masta said...

Dr. Octopus is my hero. And now, so are you.