Thursday, December 22, 2005


Starting last week until christmas, my role at work has been to be the 'Week Day Elf'. No not THIS kind of Elf (although that would be wicked!):

but think more of the lines of:

My job is to go around the whole store, wearing a hat with bells and a red apron, talking to customers and trying to help them find what they want. So far when I great a customer (especially from behind) I get two different responses, either:

1. A suprised, joyous look, followed by a friendly comment on my hat, which comes accross as "Wow, isn't that cute... he's got a hat and all"


2. A confused/disgusted look, which comes accross as "What the fuck is THAT! Get away from me you crazy hippy"

Aside from just talking to people, I was given a polaroid camera to take photos of litle kids. Monday I'm walking around and see a little girl (about 4 or 5) in a stroller and she seemed happy to see my hat and apron so I smiled back and said "I have a suprise for you!" and pulled out the camera. As soon as I did that, she started to FREAK OUT! She started screaming and covering her face and turned the other way. Shows how good I am with kids. Here mother wasn't too happy after that...

On another occasion I knocked a prop off the wall (a giant present) and it nearly fell on top of a woman who threatend to sue me.

Thankfully only a couple of more days and I'll get to retire as an elf!

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Glen said...

I thought taking pictures of young girls was how you got into trouble at your last job.