Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year 2006!

It's another New Year fresh out of the oven! Many changes are to be expected. My work routine at Old Navy is slowly coming to an end and my return to the educational system will commence. With those changes, my blog will be affected as well. I'm hoping to continue to write about my day to day adventures that you all love to read about (yes you do! You just don't know it yet...) but I'm also hoping to keep a log on my progression through my time at Interdec College. That being said, I decided the new content should also have a new look (I got tired of staring at the same colors for the past 2 years).

This year, my New Years Eve celebration was actually a lot of fun. The night started at Radio with a few friends. It was PACKED and had really good music. By midnight I had already lost my voice. By 1am, Nadine and I decided it was time to leave and Shing accompagnied us out the door. We were on our way to a house party close by. Just as we're nearing the place I bumped into a few guys a knew from high school (havn't seen them in almost 8 years). Next thing I know it I'm at another party with a whole bunch of people I knew from high school, which coincidentally was next door to the original party I was headed to. As soon as I walked in with Nadine, my buddies Mike and Alex come up to us and start chatting. Afterwars, while sitting down, they corner me and start interrogation me about my status with her:

Them - "So, how long has it been?"
Me - "How long has what been?"
Them - "How long has IT been?"
Me - "What...?"
Them - "IT! How LONG has IT been!!??"

After what felt like 10 more minutes of that, I finally realized they meant how long have I been dating Nadine, with the answer being negative infinity, since we're just friends. Apperently they went up to her and did the same thing, possibly thinking she had a different answer. That STILL wasn't good enough and they tried (and failed) to get us to kiss for a photo.

Following my brief high school reunion, I ended up at this guy Mike Bashalder's party. He conviniently lives above where Le Swimming used to be. It was a giant loft filled with people. After polishing off a bottle of vodka (which I hid in the dishwasher) I was totally wired for the rest of the night.

I stayed up chatting with people until 5:30am and decided to call it quits. I cabbed it home (40$) and crash-and-burned in bed. I slept about 6 hours and just was wide awake. The only strrange thing is that I woke up with pain on my lower hips. I have NO idea what could have caused it. I do remember knocking my butt with Nadine's on the dance floor but I highly doubt her buns are made of that much steel.

To view pictures showing how crazy a night I had, click HERE! Jealousy can commence....
............ NOW!


Sean said...

wait, you have a friend called SHING?

Budman said...

Yes I do. I'm suprised you're only finding this out now since both Melanie Blaser and I are friends with him and have known while you were still in McGill Improv.