Monday, August 28, 2006

The LOST post

OK I came on to update my blog just now and noticed that my last post, which I had wrote as an excuse to keep people entertained knowing I wouldn't be up to posting for a while, was never actually posted but saved as a draft. So here is that LOST post:

My internet has been down for the past couple of days so I have not been able to update and continue my story on Boston. I promise to continue it very soon. In the meantime enjoy these little snippets:

-my mom is feeling fine and her stitches come out tomorrow
-my buddy Glen is leaving tomorrow for BC. Good luck to you buddy and sorry! I forgot to chip in for the beer!
-I played manhunt on saturday and it ROCKED! I didnt' get caught in the second round and I ROCKED!
-All of a sudden all these people want me to do graphic design jobs for them, yay!
-I'm working all this week including tomorrow morning at 6:30am
-I start school next week
-I'm now off to bed

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