Monday, August 21, 2006

Budman in Boston

This past weekend I went down south to Boston with my buddy Glen and his two buddies from high school, Jay and Steve. I will have to say that it turned out to be an amazing trip with no worries and everything just fell into place. The whole time we had very loose plans and just went with the flow.

Friday morning I got picked up by Steve and Jay around 8am. We headed to Glen's place in the south shore where we swapped cars. We had chipped in a got a rental for the weekend. I can't remember what model it was but it was a full sized car and it drove very well and had lots of leg room.

We made excellent time, only stopping once for lunch at some place called Pour Boys in Manchester. I was suprised when we past Lebanon, MA, because I thought the others were pulling my chain until I saw a sign.

We made it to our motel room around 5pm. We were actually staying in Beverly which was about a 40 minute drive from the city. We had rented a kind of an apartment type of room. It was fuly furnished, had 2 rooms, 3 beds and a pullout couch which I suprisingly had excellent sleep on. Breakfast was included as well and the owners were pleasent and very helpful with directions.

Not even there for more than 20 minutes, Jay, Glen and I went wondering over to the local supermarket and bumped into a girl named Gina who was on her way to the restaurant she works at. She recommended we go there for dinner and that she'd help us out with some tips on whats good to see/do, etc.

Once we settled in and got washed up, we headed out to Not Your Average Joe's where Gina was working. The food was quite good and Jay had fallen in love with this blueberry beer he tried called Sea Dog. It was quite good. We thanked Gina for her kindness and good service and she even admitted that she lived in the area and gave us her number if we wanted to get together or something. Actually our relationship with Gina over the 3 days was quite funny since by the last day she mentioned on the phone that she was the "Icon" of out trip which is actually hilarious since we played phone tag and never actually got together...

After dinner we decided it would be our best interest to actually drive down to the city rather then train there and cab back. Steve was kind enough to volunteer to not drink and we were off. We got kind of lost but ended up parking on this street called Newbury. We walked around and hit a few bars including The Other Side Cafe and Bukowski's. At Bukowski's I bought a pint of this beer called He'Brew. The tap handle was a little rabbi figure. I thought it was funny until I actually tried the beer which was absolutely HORRIBLE. It was REALLY strong and I couldn't finish it. By then I had a pretty horrible headache and thought I wasn't going to make it the rest of the night.

Fortunately, a friend of Glen's, Evy, and her two friend, Amy and Liz, came to meet up with us and the bar we went to was pretty happening that I hit a second whim and actually enjoyed myself the rest of the night.

The bars close at 2am in Boston so when we got kicked out, with a lot of direction asking, we finally made it out of the city and back home.

I decided to split up the trip story a bit as not to make each post too long. Expect to read more about it later.

Also, check out photos HERE!

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Mariana said...

I brought Sea Dog Blueberry beer back with me for people to try! It's delicious, but way better on tap.

Looks like you guys had fun.