Saturday, September 23, 2006

Is this blog getting boring?

Unfortunatley, nothing super exciting has been going on lately to really rant about. I feel like more and more I find myself looking for things to write about to keep this blog going. When I first started this blog, it was entertaining because it was new and I kept adding fun links to click on but it got hard to keep it up. Then I switched to ranting on all my girl problems which I no longer have (now my girl situations are just non-existant ratehr than problematic). The blog definitely hit a strong point with my Australia trip since I had tons to talk about. Since I've been back I guess I started with what my plans were and then a bit of things I was doing in school here and there but I found it difficult to post all of my art work. Fortunately I think I recently found a solution to that problem so keep posted soon to see ALL the stuff I've been doing since I started school.

I"m not sure what direction this blog should go into next. I guess I can always make it a porno site... naw that wouldn't work... ANy suggestions? In my photoshop class i"m learning a new technique everyweek, so I"m thinking maybe I"ll add a new technique on here just to show you all the kind of stuff i"m learning. Sound like fun? Also my dream is to one day have a web comic going but thats far away from happening since i need: ideas, create a look for the comic, and time, which I don't have much of.

So dear readers please don't stray far away. I'll think of something!


Anonymous said...

Go with your first instincts:
more chocolate sauce, less pants -
now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout.


Anonymous said...

posting your art is a cool idea.

text is boring.


TK said...

Go travelling again. You get tonnes of things, both metric and imperial tons, to talk about. Sometimes, so much happens and you're so busy, you have no time to log it all!

Mariana said...

Weighing in late:

I get thrown off when your posts are very long. Otherwise, I enjoy you blogging because I like to know what you're up to. And you are usually in a good mood and tell funny stories so it makes me cheerful too.

So keep on writin'!