Wednesday, September 13, 2006

September 13th

Is 13 really that bad a number? I woke up this morning thinking th eworse thing about today was that it marks the 1 year anniversary of my return home from Australia (now I can't say I 'just' got back anymore). Upon taking the bus with my mom this morning, I later found out today was more than that, that today also marked the 2 year ammiversary of my uncle's death when he had a freak heart attack and passed away so suddenly. By mid afternoon I later discovered the day was hardly over. I was in class just returning from lunch at 1:15. We were waiting for 2 more students to return from lunch but the teacher decided to continue teaching. At about 1:30pm, they came in telling us that there has been peope shot at Dawson College just down the street. While the teacher was continuing with the class, I was reading on line the latest news on the situation. At the time there was rumors of 1 to 4 suspects involved and about 4 people shot. By 2pm my class got cancelled. Knowing that the metro would be out of whack and that for sure Atwater would be closed, my two friend Yusin and Amelie and myself walked down towards Boneventure Metro. I split up with them and headed to Pulp and Paper at McGill to pick something up and get some tea. While I was there, my friends who still work there were also reading about it and the rumors were spreading all over the net. I headed home by train to avoid the metro rush and when I walked into my house i turned on the TV. I was super suprised to find the news on CNN. It was truley starting to feel like the Columbine shooting. In fact on CTV but they even started to interview a former victimk of the Columbine incident. After watching the news for about 2 hours it is known that there was in fact online 1 shooter. There was a cop in civilian clothes that confused a lot of witnesses. The shooter was killed and it is thought the police are responsible but it is still possible he commited suicide. No one knows who he is, if he was a student or not. A bunch of people locked themselves in rooms to avoid the gun fire. Shots were fired all over the place and the final total was 20 injured. 11 people in the Montreal General hospital were being treated for gun shot wounds to the chest, abdomin or limbs. Last I saw on the news that 1 of the victims did die.

It's just crazy. I know it's a bit extremem to say it since I wasn't actually there but it is kind of freaky knowing this all happened about a block away. Normally my friends and I gfo to eat at Alexis Neon where the food court faces the back of Dawson, btu today I had a lunch and my friends walked to a cafe towards Guy rather than Atwater. Knowing tha tmost of us were freaked, I cant even imagine how the people who were right there when it happened are feeling right now.

Someitmes the world really is messed up...


Glen said...

Found out the news this morning by someone in the lab talking about "some college in montreal". That's super messed up and it seems like there's a lot of confusion going around right now. Hopefully it's not as bad as has been reported.

Mariana said...

Oh man, I forgot you went to school so close to there. I'm really glad you're ok.

The world is messed up sometimes.

I feel so bad for what happened at my old school.


Lady Jesslyn said...

Hey the news made it to australia and so i checked you blog to see if you were okay. Glad to hear that your safe even if it was close. 13 is not always an unlucky number for example I was born on Friday the 13th of January. I consider it lucky.

It's sad at the moment so many people dying, we just had steve Irwin and Peter Brock (legend racing driver) die, both doing something they loved.

Anyway, glad your okay.

The Hek said...

Man I was glued to the radio and TV. CBC radio in Toronto suspended their schedule for a few minutes and we're broadcasting Montreal's local feed.

When I was a kid, my mum and aunt would take me to Alexis Neon a number of times.

Thank God you're okay and weren't part of the cahos.

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