Friday, December 08, 2006

Just stay calm...

Next week is my final week of school. In exactly 1 week from today I will be a graduate of the graphic design program at Interdec College.

I've been pretty on top of things that I'm not too stressed but it's been tough staying clam with all my projects and exams and the fact I've been sick every 2 weeks for th epast 2 months.

On the bright side, I just got an extension on one of my craziest pieces yet!

On the down side, I was just informed that the computer technician of the school took it into his own hands to attempt to update the computers in the room we use and in the words of director of the school, ended up "crashing the whole room". So apperently, all the data MAY be saved but the room is unusable right now.

THANK GOD I backed everything (I hope).

In need of a beer SO BAD!

(but i"m not stressed!)


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So when are you gonna get off this Cobra binge?