Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Budman Christmas

For a holiday which I don't celevrate, I had a pretty damn good time this year.
It was very relaxing and I really needed that.

On Christmas Eve, I got out of work an hour early (6pm instead or 7pm) and headed downtown to my friend Eric's for a Jews Night Out Party. The night was supposed to be anight of just playing xbox but ended up entirely different. I got treated to vegetarian take out Chinese food (who would have thought that general toa tofu would taste so good?). Then we played a round of Scene It - Friends Deluxe Edition (who would have thought how annoying that theme song could really be?).

The rest of the night was spent playing cards and listening to music.
Note: when at a party with a homosexual couple and you're asked the question of why you don't like a certain song (Daniel Powters - Bad Day to be specific), do not answer with "Because it's GAY!"
Note 2: When such an answer is used, the proper thing is to try and ignore having said it and not to try to fix things by saying "oh I didn't mean it like that? I just mean um... that I don't like that song... um...."

Christmas day morning was spent watching Nacho Libre. This was followed by heading to my brother's house. At his place we played Scrabble. It was a really fun game with words such as "aloof" and "ching". My favorite move was getting "oy" and "yenta" at the same time! I ended up winning by totally fluke. I was behind 17 points but I got rid of all my letters and my brother was stuck with only 1 letter... whcih happened to be Z worth 10 points! Haha it was awesome.

By afternoon, I learnt that the open invitation and Scrabble was just a ploy for my brother to get to come over so he could slave labour me into helping him remove stuff from his ceiling in his basement that was being renovated.

Two hours later, we went to his brother in law's and had, you guess it, Chinese food!

The night ended with watchign Running On Empty, a really boring movie with River Phoenix and Judd Hirsch.

All in all it was fun times!

Merry Christmas all!

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