Sunday, August 08, 2004

Hawaiin Party!

Firday Night I was at a Hawaiin House Party held at my friend Emily's appartment. It was a lot of fun. My plan was to go to an ice cream birthday party prior to this party but I wanted to make some leighs for the party and it took me such a ridiculously long time that I had no chance in going to both parties since they were at opposite ends of downtown. Once I did get there, my leighs were so tangled up I threw them away although I managed to salvage two of them and gave them to Glen and my friend Susan got to were them. They were just styrofoam animals I bought and tied to string. Also in the same pic, you can see how Glen went totally ALL OUT (!) and wore a skirt!.. I mean sarong... (still looks like a skirt to me...).There happened to be a bunch of people there from chemistry and others I didn't know. After a couple of hours, Joe had shown up and finally Sam and his buddy from Colorado who I remember being called Brown. That's when things started to get wild. At one point Sam decided to have a chugging contest with Ray. It was a tough battle, but Sam lost (and no he's not a midget, he was just all over the place). He was okay, though. He took the loss in a good spirit. The party started to die down until I busted out some Led Zepplin and a whole bunch of us were singing tunes until 3am. After listening to the album about twice over, it was time to go. Good times had by all! Especially Sam!

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