Saturday, August 07, 2004

Josh and Norm Go to Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

Last Wednesday I saw Harold and Kumar go to White Castle with my buddy Norm (and others) on Wednesday and it was HILARIOUS. It's your typical stoner movie with the plot being a simple trip turning into an adventure with crazy events happening one after another. I totally recommend it. Afterwards, Norm and I wanted to check out with kool sounding event at a place called Saphir. The ad said World's Worst Music/One Hit Wonders playing all night. So we went to check it out. The place was dead. There was some great old music I hadn't heard for a while, but none-the-less EMPTY! We played pool for a couple of hours and then left. Right above Saphir is this Hardcore Heavy Metal Biker Bar. I walked up there by accident when looing for Saphir and this girl all in black came to the door to welcome us and I just told her "I'm lost" and walked back down quickly before one of them could try sucking my blood or use me as a human sacrifice.

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