Monday, March 28, 2005

Melbourne to Sydney Day 3

ot up early again and had breaky. I slept on the bus for a while until we hit Canbera, the capital city of Australia. It stands for Meeting Place in the Aboriginal language and is also home to legallized porn and marianna. There are a lot of museums and galleries in the city but we ended up at the House of Parliment. There are actually 2 of them - old and new. The new one is where I walked around, The old one is accross the street and is know a museum.
After lunc, we ended up at the War Memorial. Australia really likes to show that they care for all the soldiers they had participate in wars and peacekeeping incidents. They ave one in each state and I think Canbera's represents Australia as a whole. It was quite sad in there but the details they went into showing what happened witht their involvement in the wars was crazy. the had models and paintings and all sorts of things that were very interesting. The whole place was HUGE and I only got to see a little bit of it - mostly stuff on world war I and a bit on world war II.
Three hours later... SYDNEY! AGAIN! It felt like I never left. I checked in at my hostel, Footprints, dropped off my stuff and then ran to Jordons to see my friends. I saw a few people I recognized but there were a lot of new faces. I promised I'd try and go back on Wednesday before I leave for Byron bay on Thursday. I then made my way to my buddy Blair;s where we caught up for a bit but couldn't stay too long since i had to run to Scubar where I partied one last time with all the great people from my trip. It was awesome!

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