Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Sydney Reloaded

OK! Now that I updated what I did over my Melbourne to Sydney Trip (see comment in March 22nd post) I can tell you what I've been uip to since I've been in Sydney!

So I got into Sydney on Monday and spent the night at Footprints. Yesturday morning I made my way to IEP to say hi to the friendly staff and then jumped on a train to the Blue Mountains. The Blue Mountians is a really beautiful country area about 2 hours from Sydney. I went on a walk in the trails and it was AMAZING. The view is great! I got lots of pictures and will put them up soon. There is this famous rock formation there called the Three Sisters which is basically 3 giant points next to each other hanging out of the moutain cliff.

It was 5pm and I decided to walk along a path that sounded really cool called Giant Stairay. It was 900 steps down! After that I went along a trail and it started to get darek. I ended up meeting this Irish guy so we wlaked together which was nice since i was starting to get scared. Finally we made it to the end of the trail but then there were 900 steps UPWARDS! It got really dark, I was getting rteally tired and sweaty and couldn't see ANYTHING! I thought after a while I hallucinated the guy since he disappeared for about 20 minutes but he was just walking alot faster than I was. I was afraid I wouldn't make it out alive!

Now I am back in Sydney (Alive and Well) and am going to take tonigt easy, hopefully at Cohi Bar where I'll see some more Jordons friends. I won't be out too late for I have to get up super early tomorrow to hop on the bus where I'll be on a 3 day trip to Byron Bay.

I'll try to updat emy blog in Byron Bay and hopefully will have lots of photos ready by then!

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