Thursday, March 31, 2005

Sydney to Byron Bay Day 1

Last night I ended up at Jordons again and got to catch up with some other peopel I knew who worked there. I even had a nice chat with George my former manager and it was good talking to him again.

In the morning I woke up qutie early, checked out and made it over to the Oz Experience Bus Stop. A huge green bus pulls up and we all get on it. This time the bus was a giant coach and the group was about 40 people rather than 20 like on my last trip. I met a french canadian from Montreal and sat with her on the bus. First we stopped in a place called Bilpin for a quick bite at the bilpin Fruit Market. then we drove through the edge of the Blue Mountains until we hit a spot called Lithgow. We passed through Lithgow until Mudgee where we bought food and headed to the Poets Corner Vinyard where we had a picnic and then a small tour and some wine tasting. For 4$ I got 4 glasses of wine and a port, not bad. Three hours later we got to the Warrumbugles.

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