Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Cairns Day 21

Wow the days are flying fast! (or I'm just really really bad at math...)

What have I been up to you may ask? I have settled further into the house i living in. I am now used to things and am getting along quite well with everyone living there. We are on completely different schedules. I work at night, some work during the day, at night, on call, etc. I have wednesday and thursday off, one guy has Monday and tuesday off, the other guy has the weekend off, etc. I still can never tell if someone is in the house or not so Im always trying ot be really really quiet in case someone is sleeping in or I'm home really late.

Work has been keeping me really busy. I am now working 5 nights a weeks and I am now starting at 5pm instead of 6pm except on saturday when I start at 12pm and have a 2 hour break. When I finish all dependson how busy it is. Saturday night was quite busy and sunday was insane! It was so busy (about 50 bookings at 6pm!) that the chefs ahd me helping them out. At one point i was greilling some bread (which I burnt so they havn't asked me since...) and from now on when they scream out suflee I need to scoop some chocolate cream into a chocolate cup and shove it in the oven. I finished at 12:30am on saturday but at 1:15 on sunday! However, the other nights havn't been so busy. Monday I finsihed at 12:15am but only about 20 minutes after the kitchen guys leave (saturday and sunday it was more like an hour and half) and last night i was so on top I finished everything at around 11:30pm but it was really not that busy.

Now I have a couple of days off which is great. Sunday I bought a bike for 30$! I went looking around the other day and wither foudn really expensive new bikes (200$) or really expensive used bikes (120$-200$ - USED!). I bought saturdays paper and found an ad that said "Drive away bikes under 50$" and it had a number and an address. I couldn't call because unfortunately I LOST my phone (Mark, you're cue to laugh is 3... 2... 1... Now!). I don't know what I did with is but only discovered it was missing 1am after work. i think I left it on the bus I was sleeping on to work but not sure. At first it was ringing but now on my voice mail comes on meaning the battery is dead or someone stole it and it's off. in any case I'm going to have to buy a new phone an dmay need a new phone number all together. If anyone wants the new number (i.e. friends I met out here) e-mail me because I lost ALL of my friends contact numbers (never wrote them down ust put them in the phone). Going back to my story about the bike, I went to the address and it turns out its the appartment complex of this 80 year old man who buys bikes (used or broken) and fixes them up. He sold me a big bike that he painted black since the original paint was coming off and it makes a biut of noise but it gets me from A to B which is all I care about. I also bought a purple used helmet and a lock from him for 15$ extra. I rode the bike to the internet cafe and I REALLY need to get used to the fact that cars drive on the other side of the road because I never know where to look.

And now for something comepletely different... Here's a pic my friend Tina sent me of when I dressed up in Dingo. As you can tell, it was a wild and crazy night...


Glen said...

BUDMAN!!!!! That's a real quality picture!

Sophie said...

Sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Hey mate! I sent you a txt on your mobile...I guess I know why you did not answer now...LOST YOUR PHONE! Good one! Anyway, I want your new number as soon as you get one. mine is: 0432 920 083
Ive been to Fraser and it was AWESOME! Now in Airlie for about 10 days before going sailing. I met a lot of cool people. PLay a lot of volley! We should meet up in Cairns when i get there. I'm even getting married tonight with a finnish guy called Tom. Its gonna be a backpacker wedding. AWESOME, ill send you some pics! lol
Take car Josh! I hope to seen you quite soon!
Sophie the beaver