Thursday, May 26, 2005

Cairns Day 23

Ok so last night was really something and I thought I'd talk about it here.

First off, yesturday in the mall I bumped into Jacob, this guy from Holland who I knew from my room in the hostel I lived in in Melbourne. I was so excited to see him that we arranged to go out at night to a bar called P.J. O'Briens. Also, the other day I put up a post on the SWAP bulletin board (website from the organization whom helped me with the visa and arrangements to get here) saying that I'm in Cairns for a while and if anyone wants to meet up for a drink, contact me. So this girl, Andreea, sent me an e-mail and I invited her out to meet Jacob and I. Later in the evening I head over to the bar and meet Andreea, who happens to be French Canadian from Brossard. She just graduated from McGill and has a friend doing a PHD in Chemistry at McGill (For all my chem friends, does Jordan ring a bell? I don't think I knew a Jordan). After our little introduction, Jacob shows up and we go inside the bar.

Jacob wanted to meet up at this bar because wednesday night they are famous for Coyote Ugly Girls. 3 girls in bikinis and cowboy pants jump on the bar and dance for 5 minutes. Afterwards they have a dance competition between girls and another one between guys. They call it a "Dance" competition but it's more of a strip show because they try to get the girls to take their tops off and show their chest. It was no different for the guys since they ended up takng their shirts off and eventually their pants (but keeping on their underwear). Guess who won the guy dance comp?

I had NO intentions of entering! I just went to the bar to buy another pitcher of beer for my friends and I to share and this guy is on the bar and says 'I need 4 guys!' so I raised up my hand and he pulled me onto the bar, then I was told I had to dance. So I started dancing and took off my shirt, tried playing it a little sexy and then the music stops and the guy asked the groud to cheer when he points to the contestants. Myself and this other guy (who happened to be someone I knew from my whitsundays trip, Olie) end up with tht emost cheers out of the 5 of us, and we were told to stick around for the FINALS competitions. Next was round 1 for the girls, rounds 2 for the guys and round 2 for the girls, the cowboy girls danced a second time and then finally it was time for the men finals. I get back on stage and the music starts and we start dancing. I was standing next to one of the Cowboy Girls and she takes off my belt and starts smacking my butt with it. then she made a noise and put her hand over her mouth and got one of the other girls to come over and starts pointing at my back. She was hitting me SO hard that I have RED marks all over my back! When the music stopped the MC did the cheering thing again and I was first and got a pretty big cheer. He moved on to the others and they all had about the same amount of cheers but when he did it a second time he came to me last and when he finally pointed to me the whole bar went WILD! I ended up wining an 80$ snorkel trip to the reef. It includes a glass of wine, buffet lunch, trip on a boat, snorkeling in 2 spots on the reef and a scuba diving demo we get to watch. I'm going to have to call soemtime soon and book a day to go but theres no rush since it's good until December 2005!

As for my phone business, I double checked with the bus company and they don't have it so I need to buy a new phone. Unfortunately the only store for my phone company in Cairns, which is Vodafone, is being renovated and I have to wait until sunday for it to reopen. Until then if anyone needs to reach me just e-mail.


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BUDMAN!!! You're crazy, man! C-RAZY! Keep up the good work.

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