Monday, July 04, 2005

Cairns Day 64

HAPPY 4th OF JULY! Haha well it is July 4th, but seriously, HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!!!!! I didn't get a chance to do anything for Canada since I was working and i was so lazy I didn't even get to walk around sporting my Canada hat. However, at work, when ever I asked for a favor from someone, they kept saying they were pnly doing it for me because it was Canada, so I got a bit of a treatment that day, haha.

I worked like a dog this weekend. Not many hours but it's just been really busy at night at work and i"m still not used to getting up early for my peter pan job. That job is going quite well actually. The manager who I felt like i"d have a problem with is no lnger the manager and the new person is 100 times more friendlier and less fake then the previous one. I stayed behind an extre 2 hours so she even let me go get lunch while getting 'paid' (I dont' make money only trip points I can useon a discout).

I don't know what happened to Rachel but she said she'd be in town on Sunday and it's now Monday night and no contact from her what so ever. I sent her a mobile text message but still no answer. I'm sure evrything is okay and i hope I get to meet up with her in the end.

I dont' know HOW I did it but somehow after work thursday night and before work friday night, I lost my work shoes. I have a theory that I was so tired on the way home i dropped them off my shoulder either in Palm Cove on the way to my workmate's car or on the way home when my workmate dropped me off near my house. Either way they are gone. I tried wearing my running shoes at work but they slip an dslide everywhere so I had ot resort in wearing my sandals with socks and garbage bags on my feet so my socks stayed dry. I kept that up for 3 days but hopefully tomorrow I can get myself a new pair of cheap shoes. And perfect timing, my bag's zipper broke so I may need a new nap-sack as well.

As for excitment, today during work at peter pans this girl comes in asking for assistance. She walked by a staff toilet in the hallway and heard someone call for help. So I came to the rescue to discover someone was locked inside because the handle o nthe inside broke off and the only way in was with a key. She told me to go to this store around then corner and they would have a soare copy. So I did and i got her out of the washroom. Budman to the RESCUE!

Finally, the other day my landlord and manager of the Wool Shed Bar, Tim, had told me that he notice my picture on their website. After wining the dance contest at P.J. O'briens, I entered the one they have every monday at the Wool Shed and Tim told me when he was looking at last weeks photos, he recognized me. I don't understand why it's all squished and warped but you can check it out by clicking HERE

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