Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Cairns Day 59

Havn't had a chance to update for a few days because i've just been working quite a bit. At Vivo, I worked all weekend (friday night, all day saturday and sunday morning) and then on Monday and Tuesday i started work at Peter Pans. It's a REALLY easy job but I don't really like the work atmosphere. However, I'm only in it for the money I save on my future trips so ti balances out. It was a bit tough working since I don't know any info on travel stuff and a lot of people come in and start asking me questions and i was told to jus t"Sorry I'm just the INTERNET GUY! I know nothing. If you want to talk to one of our travel agents I can put your name on the list and you can have a seat o none of our nice couches or feel free to use the interent until I call your name. I know after a few shifts the work will seem like a piece of cake and I won't feel so overwelmed.

Aside from that, last night i got a suprise call from my friend Rachel, who I knew from my McGill days in Chemistry. She's going to be in town on Sunday and wanted to let me know so we can hang out and catch up, etc. so I'm looking forward to next week since I havn't seen her in a long time. Then, today I got an e-mail from my friend Nils who I met in Melbourne. he's also going to be in Cairns sometime in July so I'm really excited about that as well. I'm starting a collection of visitors it seems!

Last night I rented 3 films:
Identity - starring John Cusack, Ray Liota, Amanda Peet, Jake Busey and others.
GREAT film! Really out there but I loved it! Totally recommendf it for those who want a weird psycho thriller with a twist!

Subject Zero - I remember it bombing when it came out in Montreal and my friend Norm said he walked out of it after the first 15 minutes or something but decided to rent it anyways. I wasn't really watching it, my house mate was, but from what I did see it just seemed really weird and stupid and dont really care about findingout how it ends.

Garden State - Starring Zack Braff and natalie Portman. Have not had a chance to watch it yet but will get on to it when I return home from here (intenet cafe). I have heard great things about it and I like Zack Braff.

stil playing guitar almost everyday and still loving it! I think I still need a LOT of practice btu a lot of people keep telling me I"m getting better or that i'm learning pretty quickly for someone who's been playing for only a month. I really hope I can keep it up in Montreal!

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