Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Cairns Day 86 - MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

I apollogize for not writing anything in a while. Since today is my birthday (I'm now 24!) I decided it's time to fill you all in on what Ive been up to the last couple of weeks.

I did end up seeing Fantasitc Four and it was a good movie. Not the BEST movie ever made but quite enjoyable. Since then I hd also since Sin City. Now THAT'S a GREAT movie. I loved it and even if you're not a comic book fan (it's totally taken from the pages of Frank Miller's comic books) the effects and just so awesome. I really enjoyed seeing that movie and would definitely concider seeing it again.

I went on that reef trip finally and it turns out it was perfect timing since the weather has been really crappy and rainy since the day after I did the trip. The day I went on it was beautiful. Bright blue sky, no clouds in sight. I biked to the reef fleet center where all the reef boats are docked. Hopped onto the Super Cat boat and sat down with all the other pasengers. Turns out one of my flat mate, Lou, works for the boat company, Down Under Dives, and most of the crew on my boat knew her. I also knew one of the staff when she worked in the hostel I first stayed in when I came to town, Hostel 89. We drove out to sea for about an hour and half. On the long haul out I got friendly with a fellow Canadian! His name was Ryan and he ended up being Jewish from Toronto so we had a lot to talk about. He also ended up being my snorkel partner since the crew suggested you swim in pairs. We soon reached our spot and jumped in the water. I swear snorkling is one of the most relaxing things you an ever do. It is very physical since your'e always swiming around although the fins and wet suit make it a lot easier (the wet suit made me float and the fins make it easier to swim around with less energy). However, once you put your head in the water and see all of this life down there it's just amazing. You cant hear anything except your own breathing and it's like going to a whole new place. We stopped at two spots and I saw so many fish, a giant clam, a giant Mawiras (I keep butchering the pselling btu I have no idea how it's spelt) and this fish is HUGE, and even some kind of manta or sting ray. Now my treat to all of you is that I took pictures! They aren't the best and it's hard to see some of the things but I don't regret the 20$ it cost to get the water proof camera. To see all the wonderful stuff I saw click HERE.

After the long day out I chilled at home and actually went out to meet up with Ryan and his girfriend. It's to bad they were leaving that night to go to another place since they were really nice people and it was a lot of fun hanging out with them that night.

I've been working a lot lately. Two weeks ago the resturant was crazy busy and the other dishewasher hurt himeslf so I worked like 40 hours over 4 days that weekend and we broke our record of most people in the resturant to a whopping 107 bookings. However, since then the weathers been crap and we were day all last weekend.

Work at Peter Pans is going pretty good. I met a cool Canadian guy who works there as well. Im getting along with everyone and it just feels like I"m hanging out rather than working when I'm there.

As I mentioned earlier today is my birthday. Yesturday I went shoppng and treated myself to a few gifts. First I bought a new eye brow piercing (just the ring) since I always felt the ring I had was too big. This new ring looks a hell of a lot better (no longer does it look like I have a fish hook in my face) and it only cost me 15 bucks! After the new ring, I hit up HMV and treated myself to a few CDs. There is SO much music I want to buy tbu CDs out here are really expensive. A new CD can be 25 or 30$, NEW! On older CD is like 40$! I ended up getting The Foo Fighters New one, In Your Honour which was a good buy since it has 2 disks, one that's super rock heavy and one thats accoustic and more chill. I also picked up the new Weezer disc which I like already. It sounds like Weezer and thats all that counts. If you like any of they're old stuff (early or even more recent) you're bound to like this disc. After hearing so much about them I took a chance and bought Bloc Party. No it's not Jaques Parizeau's band but this kick ass independant garage band sounding group from England. I still need to have a listen to the full disc but what I've hear I like, a lot. Since I bought all this rock music, I thought I'd balance it out wiht a chillout compilation and ended up getting the famous Ministry of Sounds Chillout Sessions 7. I don't think we get Ministry of Sound back home so I"m glad to have something unique. It's also a two disc package so although I paid for 4 CDs I technically got 6! That's enough to make any Jew happy, haha.

SO finally, my birthday celebration was a lot different than I had expected. I figured i'd be out at some bar ll alone and have had pizza for dinner or something along those lines. Instead I went out for fancy Thai with my roomates and work mates. We were a total of 10 people at dinner! Food was great and then I ended up going out with most of them to Gilligans, P.J. Obriens and then of course, the Wool Shed. I had a really good time until I came home late at night ~4am. I didn't feel too good anymore and I happened to walk into the house just intime to witness my drunk roomate Adam knock my guitar (which he had used and then placed it against the backyard, railing) down the STAIRS! I was too tired (and sick) to care there and then. I woke up today and remembered the incident and ran to my guitar but except for a few scratches and it being untuned, it's not too bad looking. I am a bit upset but it's not really Adams fault so I"m not mad at him. I'm sure i"ll bang it up myself sometime int he future. I also told him if he ever touches my guitar or goes into my room again I'll accidently drop his laptop down the stairs, haha.
Pictures of my night can be found HERE.

This morning was good since my Parents called me to wish me a happy birthday. The rest of the day I sat watching Resevoir dogs. Thren I came out to the internet cafe where i"ve been here for a couple of hours setting up the photos and typing this entry. I have to jet now since i got a call and was asked to fill in for someone at Peter Pans for just the final hour so I better sign off now before I get there late.


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