Monday, August 08, 2005

Cairns Day 99

I havn't had the tie to update for a while since i"ve ben both working hard and playing hard.

Let's see what I've been up to:
Since my last post, when I was working that one hour at Peter Pans, I met a guy from canada who went to McGill the same time i did. His anme was Tim and he studied Art (he actually was good friends with this guy I know named Josh a.k.a JV). He seemed like a cool guy so we went out that night and had a few beers.

Wednesday morning started my week of being sick. I wasn't the first person at work to be sick either. EVERYONE at work has been sick in the past two weeks it's nuts! Luckily I bought some meds and within a day the 'burning chest is on fire' pain went away and then it turned into a cold but I was still able to work the whole weekend without slowing down.

Once the weekend ended, Tuesday night i went out with Mark who I had met when I lived in Sydney! Then on Wednesday, James had arrived in town as well! So I went two nights in a row with a bunch of grerat people aqnd had a blast! Wednesday night, a friend of James, Ronin, just arrived in town and was homeless for the night so I let him crash at my place. He's Israeli so I had to be nice to a fellow Jew.

Then the weekend came around again and I ended up working a lot. Saturday, I had the mornign off an dthe weather was nice so I went down to Palm cove a few hours early and played some guitar! I'm getting the hang of it now and I'm learning Everybody Hurts by R.E.M, Wonderwall by Oasis and About the Girl by Nirvana.

I just finished reading Scar Tissue, the autobiographyof Anthony Keidis, the lead singer from The Ret Hot Chili Peppers. I never read that much but after my roomate Carl lent it to me, I finished it in a 2 weeks! it was a GREAT read, 95% of it just talking about drugs. Let me just say he leads a very interesting life. At the age of 12 he lost his virginity to his dad's girlfriend.

Things are coming to a close here in Cairns. On Augst 20th, I will be on my way to Darwint o start the last little trip I'm doing before i return home to Canada. I am quiting Peter Pan tomorrow so I have my last week off with time to do things like file for tax return and sell my bike (if I can because I found out today the brakes are completely shot and my back wheel looks fu#ked up!). Then I need to figure out when I quit Vivo. My boss, Ivo likes me so much he's begging me to stay an extra month. I told him he'll have to call home and ask my mom for permission, haha. Then when I try to tell him I'm leaving on the 20th he seems to be taking it too loosely replying "I know, I know, we'll talk about it later" like he doesn't realize I'm LEAVING and can't just extend my stay.

I'm going to miss Cairns so Im trying ot soak it in as much as possible. I stil havn't seen Cape Tribulation so I may go on a 1 or 2 day trip up there. My peter pan job payed off because my total trip is going ot cost me about 1500$ and I made about 500$ so at least I'm saving something!

ON to comething completely different, today, August 8, is my Father's 71st BIRTHDAY so:


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