Monday, October 31, 2005

In the Navy

I havn't been able to update my blog in a while for I have been busy working! I've only worked at Old Navy for 5 days now but have done so many things. On my first shift, which started at 6am, I spent 2 hours crushing boxes. After my destructiveness I was put on the floor to greet customers. On my second day I got my own name tag. By my third day I was already being trained on the cash. I'd have to say the coolest thing about the job is we get walkie talkie head sets. It makes us feel like cops:

Manager - "There's a man in Men's looking for jeans!"
Me - "Okay! I'm on it!"
Manager - "What's your 20???"
Me - "I'm in Women's!"
Manager - "There's no time! I'm sending Costa!"

All in all, it's a not a bad job. I work between 25 and 30 hours a week. We get two 15 mnute breaks and one 1 hour break for every 8 hour shift we do. The other staff seem like cool people and a few of the chicks are even hotties (and 17...). It's really close to my house (15 minute bus ride) and I finish at 3pm! Maybe I should skip the idea of going back to school and make this job a career!

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