Friday, October 07, 2005

Smack Dab in the Middle of the Jewish Holidays

For someone who isn't going to school or working, I've been keeping really busy.
Monday I did my brother a favor and went over to his house to help clean his windows. It took me all day but I did a pretty damn good job!

Monday night marked the beginning of Rosh Hashannah, so I rushed home in time to get ready for dinner. My parents and I were invited to my mom's best friend's daughter's house for dinner. I got to see friends of the family that I hadn't seen in a while and the food was SO GOOD!

Tuesday, the first day of the holiday, was spent all morning in synogogue. I then walked back to my house with my brother (since we're not supposed to drive on the high holidays) for a huge lunch my mom made. My uncle and my brother's wife was over as well so it was a nice little family get together. After lunch, I walked with my brother to Centennial Park in D.D.O for Tashlich which is the tradition of throwing your sins away for the new year and it's represented by throwing actual pieces of bread into a body of water. So I'm now sin free!

I walked over to my brother's since it was close by to the lake we were at and ended up getting invited over to his in-laws for dinner. More food! Aren't the holidays great?

Since I was so exhausted from eating and resting all day, I slept in on Wednesday and showed up to synogogue late, but was still there praying for at least a couple of hours. After synogogue had lunch again at home and this time my cousin and her husband and little daughter came over. They moved onto my street while i was away in OZ so it was really convinient for them.

At night I finally got to hang out with a really old friend of mine, Mike Tritt. First time I'd sieen him since I came back. We actually had a great talk about education and where we're headed with our schooling. He brought out a lot of important points when deciding what you'd like to do for the rest of your life. I really think I'm going to love Graphic Design, I just need to find a school.

That being said, thursday was a very productive day. I went downtown to meet with someone from The International Academy of Technology and Design. They are a trade school that offers a 12 month graphic design program plus a 2 month internship. Sounds really good except it's 17000$. I also got a call from Hertzing and found out info about their program which is 10000$. Anyone want to help support a young Jew trying to live his dream of becoming a (the best) Graphic Designer ever? Please e-mail your money to the Budman Fund. Haha. I may need to start standing on the street with a sign begging for money. On the bright side I've found some other schools to look into. Plus I finally got my hands on Photoshop and Illustrator and started messing around with the programs. Anyone got simple logos or posters they need done?

Thursday night ended at my brother's house. HIm, his wife and I watched the Family Guy's new DVD about Stewie. HILARIOUS! If you like that cartoon you will LOVE this movie. Well as a whole, the story isn't that exciting but there are just so many random jokes that just make up for it.

Today, since the weather is CRAP, I spent in my room playing with Illustrator and reading simple tutorials. My mom also helped me bake some cookies for a pot luck I"m going to tomorrow. I was supposed to go out but plans got cancelled so I ended up staying home and playing much needed guitar for over an hour. Afterwards I watched Sahara. What a CRAPPY movie. It's fun and has lots of action but the plot is all over the place and there are so many ridiculous unrealistic situations that occur. For example, Steve Zahn is in a gun fight with someone at the desert while Mathew Mconneway is getting beaten up by a really big bad guy nearby. Steve runs out of bullets and his most logical plan to attack the guy shooting at him is to RUN STRAIGHT FOR HIM! He doesn't get shot and then the guy gets distracted and out of nowhee Steve appears, punches him and get his gun. That's hollywood for ya!

Since I've been home I've been picking up new music (or music new to me). This week I've aquired the new Our Lady Peace album and it's actually not that bad. I really enjoy their new single Where Are You. The rest of the album is OK but if you're an OLP fan you'll most likely like this album. I also picked up the new Audioslave disc, Out of Exile. Now that rocks! It's a great follow up to their first one. Since I had Chris Cornell in my head, I also got Soundgardens greatest hits. I forgot how many good songs they had. I also have on my computer Athlete adn Metric. I havn't really listened to Metric ut I got it for th epurpose of seeing them live which never happened so I never bothered listening that much to it but they pretty good. Athlete, I first heard, when I was in Australia. They for the whole pop-rock british scene. Not too bad. Wires is a great song by them. Finally I have the best of Placebo. There's a bvand I hadn;t heard from in a while! Someone I met in OZ had it and I listened to it and couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Highly recommend it.


Glen said...

After your crazy shenanigans in Oz I sure hope you had a lot of bread to throw.

Marc said...

Jewish holidays are great because my classes get even smaller. So few students, so little time!