Monday, October 09, 2006

Best Day Ever!

No I didn't win a million dollars or got asked by 2 hot girls to join in their threesome, but saturday just turned out to be a really great day. Being that it's the long weekend and having to work both sunday and monday, Saturday was the only day available for me to have fun so I took off a day from doing homework.

I started the day with improv which was an excellent workshop led by Bryan. We were only 5 and had to do it outside which to me was bonus since it was so nice outside. I really learnt a lot at workshop that day and had tons of fun.

After lunch, I met up with my buddy Joe and we headed down to the Old Port to play Manhunt. The turn out was great. We had about 20 people and it was so busy in the area making th egame a ton of fun.

Following manhunt, Joe and I visited my friend Nadine who just had eye surgery done. Without her glasses, she was looking foxy. We had to bail early because I was invited to go watch a movie with my brother in the west island. Joe convinced his roomate Stephane to come with us he and drove us all the way to my house!

The night ended with the movie we saw - The Departed. All I will say is that it's the new Martin Scorsese film, it has an all star cast, is a remake of a Hong Kong film, and is about a cop who goes undercover in the mafia and a mafia guy who is undercover as a cop.


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Anonymous said...

We just rocked improv hard.