Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wedding Time (no not me...)

Before I got sick ( I caught a stupid cold), I had a nice break from school work by attending a wedding in Toronto. My cousin Lori got married and it was a lot of fun. It was a different kind of wedding from one I've ever been to since it was a joint wedding (the groom, Dan, is Christian). They tried combining the two religions customs. The most interesting part was when they made both the groom and bride step on a glass. The music was ok (a DJ) but then the groom's brother who has his own cover band, went on stage and they played 80's covers and it was really well done. i got to rock out on the dance floor.

I also learnt a way how NOT to pick up a waitress. When at a restaurant and trying to get the e-mail of a waitress, when she screams out load something along the lines of "AUGH! just great! I got peabut butter all over my arm!", do not, I repeat do not reply with "Do you want me to add some jelly to that?" (hey I thought it was funny...)

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