Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween 2006: Making of Cobra Commander

In the past years I've dressed up as crazy characters. This year, what started a a pretty crappy voice imitation, turned into a pretty wicked costume.

This year's costume was a challenge for me. A lot of it needed to be sown and I don't know how to sow.

I researched online and found a great way to get the costume started. First I went and bought a chef uniform jacket:

and with the help of the ever awesome Amy, dye master extraordinaire, dyed the jacket blue:

There was a pocket on one of the arms which I cut in half and made int lapelles. Gold buttons were also sown onto the jacket.

I wanted to make the costume as home made as possible and I went and bought actual fabric:

The blue fabric was used to make the hood which I sowed onto a visor (with the front removed) to give some support on my head:

The fabric was then tacked in on the bottom to give it more rounded look.

The red fabric was used to for the logo on the jacket, which was completely sown on piece by piece

For the smaller logo, I traced the logo with a marker first and then just cut it off in one piece. I turned out so much better than had I cut it into piece by piece:

I bought a couple of belts and used carboard and black tape to make a gun holster:

(Augh, I can't seem to upload anymore photos... Thanks Blogger! You just nee to use our imagination)

A clothes line was into pieces and then twisted them to make a wider cord which was taped togther and sown onto the jacket into place.

Finally, red ribbon was used to make stripes along the pants.

Ok OK! So my mom helped me, what?

Using a 1$ security shirt I bought at a thrift shop as an undershirt, and the linning of my ski gloves, the costume was complete to give this years Budman's Crazy Costume.

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