Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Budman Update

I've got one more month of school until I am officially a graphic designer (ok, I guess officially starts when I get hired...). I've been really busy as of late and things will only get busier. That being said, this blog probably won't be updated too often until after Dec. 15th when I'm done school. For those who actually come and read about my adventures here's a recap of what i've been up to lately:

-Been working on 6 final projects for school, each will be amazing (I hope).

-Still working at Old Navy but was lucky to get my schedule down to 2 days a week.

-Saw the Tragically Hip in concert for the first time. I think it's every canadians duty to see them at least once. It was a pretty good show. Loud.

-Got to see Sean, who was in town from Scotland. Us improv folked, laughed, cried and played games together it was loads of fun.

-Got my ass kicked in pool by Emilie, (I scratched the 8 ball 3 times).

-Bought Bonobo's new album Days to Come and it's AWESOME! It's way more upbeat than his first CD and different due to the addition of vocals.

-Bought a 2 DVD set of Looney Tunes cartoons and am dying to find people to watch it with me.

Ok back to work...

*End Transmission*


Anonymous said...

Good to know!

Keep up the hard work.


Anonymous said...

Emilie rules at pool.