Monday, November 27, 2006

The Soundtrack To My Life

recently, on Mariana's blog was a post about making your own movie soundtrack. It's simple: take your mp3 player/computer,etc. and put it on random. Each song corresponds to a life situation.

As of late, i feel like my life parallel's more and more to a teen comedy movie (think american pie but way funnier).
Here's the soundtrack to my life:

Opening Credits: Who Cares - Gnarls Barkley

Waking Up: Why Do I Keep Counting - The Killers

First Day At School: Unconditional - The Bravery
(yay glam rock)

Falling In Love: Song for the Dead - The String Quartet
(No wonder I have trouble meeting someone, i'm obviously insane...)

Fight Song: Fallen Leaves - Billy Talent
(at least THIS song makes sense)

Break up song: What's It Like To Be A Ghost - Taking Back Sunday
(wow ait really is a breakup song.. I think... it's angry though!)

Prom: The Grace - Neverending White Lights ft. Dallas Greene
(wow movie Josh has a way cooler prom than real-life Josh)

Lifes Ok: The Good In Everyone - Sloan

Mental Breakdown: On-Line - Gnarls Barkley
(watch out, I'm going to snap on MSN one day...)

Flashback: Sing - The Dresden Dolls

Get Back Together: Chances - Xavier Rudd
(wow, Australian alt-country slow rock with didjeridoos!)

Birth of Child: Hang 'Em High - My Chemical Romance
(gee, I can't WAIT to be a dad...)

Final Battle: Get it Together - The Go! Team

Death Scene: From The Ritz To The Rubble - The Arctic Monkeys

Funeral Song: Star Bodies - The New Pornographers
(I AM a star!)

End Credits: Three Or Four - The New Pornographers
(thats reffering to how many sequels there weill be, apprerently I'm NOT dead after all. Budman lives!)

Some of it really scares me how cool/accurate it is...
I also find it funny how I have 908 songs on my player with 50 groups but I got repeats of groups for the above...?


Mariana said...

I would watch a movie about your life. Even if you hadn't posted this meme thing.

Hope you're doing well!

Anonymous said...

I don't have an ipod, and I don't really know how it works. Does it take records or tapes?