Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2006 - A year in review

2006 and is over and done with. This past year went by really fast. As 2006 began, I was still riding the high from living in Australia (as I had only been home for 3 months). My everyday schedule took a turn as I returned back to school to study graphic design. From then on I basically worked hard at school and worked hard at Old Navy.

On the downside, a lot of my friends moved away in 2006 and I stopped going to improv due to too much school work. On the other hand, I made great new friends and found the time to participate in a wide selection of activities. Those included:
- Manhunt
- Kareoke at Dollar Cinema
- A Medieval dress up party in February
- A murder mystery dinner party in Hudson
- dancing at Jupiter room (with porn on the TVs)
- Watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with friends dressed up as Oompa Loompas
- Dressing up as Cobra Commander for halloween and ending up at one of the craziest free open bar parties I've ever been to
- and of course the several music concerts I went to:
- Death Cab For Cutie/Franz Ferdinand
- We Are Scientis/Arctic Monkeys
- The Dresden Dolls/Panic At The Disco
- The Raconteurs
- The Tragically Hip

By the end of the summer I went on a roadtrip with Glen and his 2 buddies, Steve and Jay. It rocked! we had an amazing time in Boston. Party Bus!

By the end of the year, I finished my graphic design program. it was a relief in a sense but I soon realized that when I have nothing to focus on I get sad and lonely. While I did have fun over the holiday break I felt like something was missing. Like I didn't have an urge to really do much. I think the fact that I was all alone at home for a week while my family in was in Toronto may have had something to do with that. Then my parents returned with my brother, his wife and son, and the house just became filled with noise. It' s been kind of hard at home with the extra people and having to live in the guest room.

Thankfully on monday things wil get a bit in order. Connie and Charles go back to Toronto and I get my room back while my brother Mark gets the guest room. My plan is to also start working on my portfolio and start job hunting.

Happy New Year everyone!

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