Friday, February 23, 2007


That's right. McGill Improv's annual 24 hour spectacular is back!

Click the picture to read all the info!

For those who don't go to McGill, it's in the Shatner (SSMU) Building located at 3600 McTavish way up the hill on the left.

When you're done with us, there's Nuit Blanche, an overnight festival happening all over Montreal. Sleep deprivation of 48hours! Hooray!

Note: The word Vaganza was chosen for the sole purpose of it being a shortened version of the word Extravaganza and has no affiliation with the word Vagina (although they look/sound the same). That being said, I had no intentions of a pun when I put down "Unlimited re-entry" (in fact I only realized this after I printed it)


kapyadah said...

kapyadah said...

Hey buds,
hooray for job searching! I'm back in the field again myself, after telling my boss (of less than a month) in rather a colorful way, that I was declining any further work at that institution... smart move? probably not.
Anyway, you're a bit flashy graphic designer now, so something brilliant will turn up. have faith! And in the mean time, hoard up on the daytime TV and maybe fill some of your time studying road maps of Montreal region :)

Andrew said...

3480 McTavish, Budman...