Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Job Hunting Sucks

I finished my graphic design program back in December. At first I used the holidays as an excuse to dick around. Then I sort of looked around for jobs but was getting so many leads from my recruiter, was busy working on stuff for my client and was working a lot at Old Navy.

Now it's almost March, I haven't had an invitations for an interview, haven't heard back from the 2 interviews I did have, stuff with my client is on hold and Old Navy cut down everyone's hours. This leaves me with tons of free time, and I"m bored out of my mind. I know, I know, you're probably yelling at your computer monitor now wishing that you had nothing to do because you're so sick of work/school/killing hookers and burying them in your farm, but a lot of nothing to do gets boring after a while. I've been going out a lot lately but don't feel I deserve it because I spend my days either in front of my computer (reading Dr. McNinja comics), watching tv or a movie on TV or going downtown.

On the bright side I did start to apply to more jobs. On the really shitty side, I just discovered today I had 2 spelling mistakes on my CV from DAY ONE! Unfortunately I don't own a copy of the program I used to type up my CV (Quark Xpress) on my PC at home (actually I downloaded a ripped version. It worked fine and I was completely surprised until I realized I can't save for some reason...). So, I have to go to school to fix it up. Would someone night hire you for misspelling urgency as ergency?

I did go to a YES (Youth Employment Services) orientation and learned that networking is key. Anyone need a graphic designer??


Anonymous said...

Job hunting does bite a shiney, metal ass. I know, I've done it too many times. (Think back to Melbourne.) That's one reason why I'm staying with the bank here.

Much luck with that!


kapyadah said...

Hey buds,
hooray for job searching! I'm back in the field again myself, after telling my boss (of less than a month) in rather a colorful way, that I was declining any further work at that institution... smart move? probably not.
Anyway, you're a bit flashy graphic designer now, so something brilliant will turn up. have faith! And in the mean time, hoard up on the daytime TV and maybe fill some of your time studying road maps of Montreal region :)