Saturday, December 04, 2004

Syney Day 59

I have finally had some time to relax a little after working so much. Last week I worked 40+ hours in 5 days and this week my schedule has been a bit more relaxing although now I need the money and want more hours. I'm not complaining though because it's going ot get really busy soona dn with a lot of people quiting to travel so close to christmas time it'll leave more shifts open for me to have. Next week I have to work at 7am for a special breakfast the restaurant it holding.
Yesturday I went to a BBQ at Coogee beach and met a whole bunch of kool people. The weather wasn't the best but I had a lot of fun. I had to leave early though for work where I got nailed a bit by my managers. First I got introubel for not shaving (it was only 1 day and I completely forgot! We all make mistakes!) and later on I got nailed for wearing black socks (my black socks were in the wash!) but it's ok I wasn't in too much trouble.
Today is my day off so I went with some friend to Maroubra beach. First day in a while I really got to relax. It was quite windy at the beach but I just lied down on the sand and relaxed and even slept a little. It felt SO GOOD! I've been to 7 different beaches so far! Tonight i"m meeting up with the brits again and we're going to check out an area called Newtown. It's basically the University ghetto so that should be fun to check out. I can't party too hard though since I need to get up for work tomorrow. I'm working all day. at 12pm until about 4pm and then I'm back at 6pm until about 10pm.
Well it's dinner time now so I better go home and cook.

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