Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Sydney Day 84

Wow 84 DAYS! It's been 8 days since my last post adn I"ve done so much! First off MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! Being a jew, I'd have to say this years christmas experience was by far my weirdest! I was supposed to work on Christmas eve but then I recieved a call from someone and when I picked up they said "Budman!" and I was like "Yes...". "This is George from work. Have the night off!". So that was great. I had no plans though and since Steph was feeling homesick that day I decided to cook for both of us. I made a mean tuna pasta bake. Basically I mixed noodles, tune adn sauce in a baking pan and put grated cheese on top and slapped it into the oven. It came out great. Afterwards, I met up with some friends and went to a FOAM party. It was basically circle with garbage bags on the floor and a giant foam cannon splashing people. We had so much fun. It ended at 12am which was great since I had to work on christmas day at 9am. What do I care, I don't celebrate it and I got 40$ an hour! I worked from 9am until 5pm that day and afterwards the Chef suprized us with a giant meal! There was pasta, chicken, turkey, potatoes. You name it! I had 3 plates. After eating so much I got invited to my coworker's Blair's house party. Someone from work gave me a lift on her scooter. It' swas my frist time and I held on so tight my hands hurt. The party was small but great. I got to hang out with the locals, all great people and just talked about anything. The next day, boxing day, I decided I had enough of going out but it turned out it was this great guy who worked with me, Matt, his last night in Austrlia. We all got invited to this great club called Y.U. I loved it! It was just great music and dancing all night long. Everyone there was just having a good time. Finally, monday I took it easy and yesturday, my day off, I went to see Blade Trinity. It was a good movie, no tthe best, but good. I love Ryan Reynolds. He was Amazing in it!

I work the rest o9f this week, including New Years Eve and New Years day btu I"m sure that won't stop me from having fun and great stories to tell about.

Happy New years EVERYONE!


Glen said...

Hey dude. Sounds like everything is going awesome over there. Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

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